Prevent Financially Devastating Presidential-Imposed Tariffs

Target: Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader

Goal: Prevent tariffs on Mexico and subsequent taxation on American consumers.

American consumers will likely be hit by fresh taxes starting on June 10. This date marks the deadline President Donald Trump has given for new tariffs on one of America’s strongest trading partners, Mexico. While the president claims these tariffs will somehow make their way into the American treasury, in reality the money will eventually derive from another source entirely: the bank accounts of everyday Americans.

Longstanding history reminds us that any increased expenses a distributor or manufacturer endures will inevitably be passed on to the consumer in the form of higher prices. Countless products Americans use daily will likely be affected, especially agricultural products. If Mexico responds as it did last year (when the country’s leadership imposed three billion dollars of retaliatory tariffs on American products), then the pinch on consumers threatens to turn into a full-on strangling. U.S. farmers already in dire financial straits due to an ongoing trade war with China will in all probability be forced to raise prices as well. The millions of Americans on fixed incomes and living paycheck-to-paycheck will suffer the most from this continued instability. The reckless policy move also endangers long-term stability, as a new trade deal with Mexico stands in peril.

Perhaps worst of all, this latest effort at playing with people’s lives and livelihoods seems entirely designed for political pandering. The president says these tariffs are ‘punishment’ for Mexico’s alleged failure to stop the flow of migration at the border. Ironically, tariffs that slow Mexico’s economy would likely have the opposite effect. As even Republican lawmakers have reiterated, however, immigration and trade are separate issues that should not be used as political bargaining chips. To date, the only people paying for the president’s pipe dream wall are Americans.

Sign this petition to urge a needed check on detrimental executive overreach that will hurt ordinary American citizens.


Dear Senator McConnell,

The U.S. legislative branch should “reclaim their constitutionally mandated authority to impose tariffs and prevent further unilateral tariff increases by the president.” This frank assessment does not come from a far-left liberal group or political opponents. The recommendation derives directly from arguably this country’s most influential conservative organization. As you stated very bluntly yourself, Senator: “there is not much support in my conference for tariffs, that’s for sure.”  Why, then, are you shirking your responsibility and refusing to even entertain a challenge to this destructive proposition of a 5 percent (and more) tariff on Mexican imports?

You know this proposition endangers a trade deal with one of America’s most longstanding allies. You are well aware that farmers, auto industry employees, and so many more workers already under hardship will only face more pressure. Most of all, you have every bit of expert and anecdotal evidence available to tell you that this political grandstanding will take its most direct and detrimental aim at American consumers. The stock market has already sent you warning signals. Economists countrywide warn you of playing fast and loose with a strong economy that could shift at any moment.

You have seemingly ceded the powers granted you by the Constitution and put all your chips in with this president. You are content to gamble with America’s future, with your eye only on the ‘prize’ of reelection. Are you willing to bet the farm (and farmers), and lose it in the process?

Do your job and join with your colleagues in ending these destructive taxes on the American people immediately.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Well why not start a petition on THIS site to end the Trade War with China as well you all?

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