Fire Teacher Accused of Mocking Autistic Student

Target: Diane Kornegay, Superintendent of the Lake County School District in Indiana

Goal: Fire special education teacher accused of giving an autistic student a derogatory “award.”

An instructor at Bailly Preparatory Academy allegedly gave an autistic child a “most annoying male” award during a public ceremony. Emergency manager Peter Morikis has assured the boy’s parents that disciplinary action will be taken against this teacher, whom Morikis has declined to name, but the damage has already been done.

The individual is a special education instructor who reportedly did not know how to handle the student’s breakdowns, despite the fact that they should have been trained to handle such matters. Autistic children already suffer from a lack of understanding by authority figures, many times considered simply “difficult” by people who do not try to understand them.. A special education teacher should be the exception to this.

The boy’s parents will be moving him to another school, while the district has issued a public apology. But this teacher needs to be punished for their alleged lack of empathy and understanding towards a student. Sign this petition to see them face the consequences of their alleged actions.


Dear Superintendent Kornegay,

An educator at Bailly Preparatory Academy allegedly presented an autistic student with a mocking award, horrifying the boy’s parents. The teacher, despite being assigned to a special education class, reportedly did not display patience or knowledge in handling the student’s problems; this should be a natural requirement for such teachers. The boy will be sent to a different school this fall, but the damage has been done.

You must terminate this teacher’s employment. Not only did they reportedly humiliate an innocent child in front of a crowd and play it off as a joke, but they have displayed a lack of sensitivity and patience overall. Autistic children suffer the most from a lack of understanding by authority figures, and teachers in charge of special classes should be more understanding. Please ensure that this teacher faces the full consequences for their alleged mockery.


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  1. I have a 15 year old special needs boy and this infuriates me. The only words that come to my mind are fired the bitch. Excuse my English but no teacher whether they’re special ed or not needs to treat any child like this. She deserves no less than being fired. She should lose her tenure and her severance pay for her actions.

  2. Se that she never ever can work as a teacher.

  3. Perhaps she felt okay about it, after all, she and we live in the land of trump.

  4. Susan Dickinson says:

    Teacher appears to lack the credentials to be a special education teacher. A qualified special ed teacher would never have done that. Fire her now!

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