Stop Construction of Toxic Coal Plants

Target: The Honourable Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia

Goal: Prevent the construction of new coal plants and mines in Queensland.

The coal industry is pushing for the construction of new coal mines and coal-fired plants in Queensland following the re-election of Scott Morrison as Prime Minister. Coal has been responsible for many environmental struggles over the past several years, including air pollution and the threat of wildlife habitats.

Despite the coal industry and coalition’s defense for it, coal is one of the most dangerous fossil fuels still in use. Coal miners risk severe, even fatal lung diseases as they are regularly exposed to the toxic dust that comes from the substance. The fumes contaminate both the air and the water supply, with pollution of the former causing illness among humans. There is nothing positive to come from using coal in any form, no matter what the industry continues to claim.

Other countries on other continents are working to phase out the use of coal, and Queensland must be pressured to follow suit. Sign this petition to prevent any new coal or coal-fired facilities from being built.


Dear Prime Minister Morrison,

The coal industry’s renewed push to open more coal-fired plants and mines poses a danger to Queensland’s environment and living populations. Coal is one of the most dangerous and toxic fossil fuels still in existence; its fumes contaminate the air and the water, and the mines have posed a threat to various wildlife species.

You must not allow these facilities to be built. Much of the world is working to phase out coal for more eco-friendly energies, and Queensland must keep up with these efforts. Stop the coal industry’s demand for more mines and plants, and put the safety of the environment and living creatures first.


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Photo Credit: Nenad Zivkovic


  1. D. Farrimond says:

    Time Is Already Running Out

  2. Justin R says:

    Follow Germany! All coal mines are no longer in production!
    Australia should lead, not follow!

  3. Ruth Rogers says:

    Please use community solar fields, the tiny wind that is placed so it does not hurt the birds, animals, and people.

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