Support Free College for Low-Income Texans

Target: Senator Brandon Creighton, Chair of Texas Committee on Higher Education

Goal: Allow Texas students whose annual household incomes are less than $100,000 a year to go to college for free.

The cost of a college education is higher than it’s ever been; the federal government is cutting financial aid left and right. One Texas senator is leading a crusade to ease the burden on lower-income students and families. Voice your support of free college for students whose annual household incomes are less than $100,000 a year.

Students from middle-class households are often not eligible for grants or other federal aid because their parents or guardains make “too much money.” These students take out federal loans and are consequently saddled with hefty loan payments once they graduate. In an economy where wages are not growing along with the cost of living, these loans can be a huge burden.

Sign the petition to demand Texas support upcoming legislation that would allow students to attend college for free if their annual household income is lower than $100,000.


Dear Senator Creighton,

Senator Zaffarini has recently proposed a bill that would allow Texas students whose annual household income is less than $100,000 to attend college for free. This is a bill that can only help Texans and the state’s economy. I urge you to support this bill as it comes up for review in the Committee of Higher Education.

Every year, high school seniors decide not to go to college because they can’t afford it. Their parents make just enough money to be disqualified for grants, but not enough money to pay for a higher education. This is the middle class of Texas. On average, Texans graduate with $30,000 worth of student loan debt. With interest rates always on the rise, people have little hope of paying them off. Many people default on their student loans due to outrageous monthly payments. More and more people have to move back home in order to survive. Imagine what Texans could accomplish if they didn’t have the looming threat of student loans hanging over their heads. Imagine what Texans could accomplish if they had the ability to attend college for free. Texas is a rapidly growing state with an ever-changing economy; the demand to fill jobs is always on. Giving middle class people the opportunity to go to college for free would only benefit the state by providing a more educated working class and filling more jobs.

Senator Zaffarini’s bill is in your hands as the chair of the Committee of Higher Education. I hope you take into consideration all the future students this bill could benefit and show your support for free college for low-income Texans.


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