Put an End to the Net Neutrality Stalemate

Target: Ajit Pai, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

Goal: Ensure equal access to the internet as an inherent right of the U.S. citizen.

The House recently approved a bill echoing Obama-era net neutrality regulations and it is facing severe push back from the Republican Senate. While approval of the bill in the House is a laudable first step, it is nowhere near the end of the fight. The GOP is leaning hard into their socialist accusations against the left, and allies to the administration are reportedly advising the President to veto the bill the moment it reaches his desk.

Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman and transparent supporter of consumer hierarchy, also has little faith in the bill. While he is the main voice of opposition, he is also the most important voice to turn over before we can reach bipartisan consensus. With such a staunchly divided Congress, it falls into the hands of the public to sway and end the dispute before the final decision this summer.

Equal access to information is a human right. Siphoning broadband through a pyramid scheme is a capitalist tactic. We must rekindle the defense for an open web by urging Pai to act in the interest of the nation, not just the wealthiest percentile.


Dear Chairman Pai,

As leading representative of the FCC, you have a responsibility to uphold communications regulations in the interest of the United States public. While you failed to keep the broader populace in mind when determining rollbacks on net neutrality in the past, the recent bill passed through the House of Representatives presents an opportunity for you to reenter the conversation.

We, as American citizens of varying economic backgrounds, demand maintenance of our right to equal consumption of digital information. Hierarchical division on the basis of information access toes the line of oligarchy, especially under an administration pitching frequent attacks on news journalists.

We ask that you prioritize those whom your agency serves to protect. See the public not solely as consumers of big business, but also as assets to the success of the nation made that much more effective when each acting party is educated and informed by/with equal access to web resources.



Photo credit: Ben Lindsey

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