Don’t Cut After-School Programs for Thousands of Children

Target: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Goal: Prevent the defunding of after-school programs across the nation.

Trump’s 2020 budget calls for a plethora of cuts, but one stands out that would greatly affect our nation’s children. The cuts to the after-school programs would affect roughly 1.5 million students. Not only would students lose out on an extended school-day, but thousands of people would lose their job. This would crush low-income communities.

After-school programs not only offer educational services to students, but they also give food and facilitate parent involvement. These programs specifically target low-performing schools and economically disadvantaged communities as a way to bridge the gap. For many students, the after-school programs offer their last meal of the day as well as a safe environment. It is heartbreaking to imagine what would happen to children if these programs weren’t available anymore.

After-school programs also offer jobs in the community. Part-time positions help college students gain experience in the education field. Full-time positions give people the opportunity to obtain health insurance and retirement options. In the poverty-stricken areas that many of these programs serve, it provides a much-needed injection of income. The elimination of these programs would result in a tremendous loss of jobs in areas which can’t afford to take an economic hit.

Sign the petition to let Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Congress know that cutting these programs would be disastrous for the areas of the highest need in our country.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

President Trump has proposed, yet again, to end funding for after-school programs. These programs not only offer an extended learning environment to millions of students, they also provide hundreds of thousands of jobs to American workers. These after-school programs are irreplaceable to poverty-stricken communities across the country. Defunding these programs would be irresponsible and prove to be catastrophic for the nation.

Many children count on these programs to give them the last meal they will see for the day. Children also count on these programs to give them a safe environment, if only for a few hours more. These programs also provide jobs to the communities they reside in, most of which are low-income. One medium sized school district could serve thousands of students and provided hundreds of jobs.

I urge you to decline President’s Trump cuts to the after-school programs. American children need these programs; American workers need them as well.


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  1. Trump is an idiot. He knows nothing about anything and to hurt children is cruel.

  2. Rita McNany says:

    Perhaps the POTUS doesn’t understand that some children don’t have the basics. Stop punishing people because they are poor. Not everyone is born into wealth.

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