Stop Pesticides and Drugs From Polluting Streams

Target: Karmenu Vella, European Commissioner for the Environment

Goal: Protect European streams from continued pesticide and antibiotic pollution.

Over 100 pesticides and drugs were detected during inspection of European streams and waterways, including several banned chemicals and at least one above the legal limit. This is likely the result of drug companies improperly disposing of waste, as well as residual pesticides in soils.

Not only are such chemicals dangerous to the fish and other wildlife that rely on the rivers to survive, but the chemicals’ presence could lead to the development of drug-resistant microbes and bacteria. Such bacteria would prove fatal to all living beings. Additionally, pesticides are a major factor in the decline of vital insect species across the continent; not only bees and butterflies, but also snails and dragonflies are suffering from the effects.

Several companies are aware of this problem, but awareness is only the first step. We must take further steps to clean the streams, and to ensure that no more dangerous drugs and chemicals leak into the water or linger in the soil. Sign this petition to strengthen laws requiring companies to dispose of their waste properly, and to begin cleanup of the waterways.


Europe’s streams and waterways are choked with chemicals from pesticides and antibiotics, not only endangering the wildlife nearby and the people who rely on the streams for drinking water, but also risking the development of drug-resistant bacteria. Many of these chemicals are the result of companies not disposing of waste properly, and lingering pesticides in the soils.

You must tighten the laws requiring responsible chemical disposal, and start a cleanup of the waterways. People and animals alike need clean, safe water to survive, and drug-resistant microbes and bacteria could prove fatal to all living beings. Clean up the continent’s streams and waterways, and prevent any future pollution.


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  1. Richard Hofman says:

    Ha, ha, ha, this is exactly the reason why we are so massively kicking the buckets for cancers in Europe! Etc…
    So just to carry on this lovely doing my lovely European brothers and one day we will deservedly extinct from there!

  2. It is bad enough that individuals are too lazy to properly dispose of medications by flushing them or throwing them in the trash.
    The same can be said for toxic products.
    When the drug companies do it, it is egregious.

  3. Renee foster says:

    And the health in the US continues to plunge

  4. Justin Recht says:

    Petitions as this one make me doubt politicians on a large scale.
    Do they not have the brains to know the damage to the environment and the public? Or do they know, and play “possum” because sick people will feed big pharma and related industries?

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