Remove Dangerous Replica Weapons from Active Shooter Drills

Target: Greg Crane, ALICE Founder/Strategic Thought Leader

Goal: Stop firing replica weapons (i.e. airsoft guns) in active shooter drills.

Active shooter response training drills are a serious event in United States schools. But for teachers at an Indiana elementary school it became terrifying, as they were shot execution style with airsoft guns. The local law enforcement ran the drill at the elementary school, but they were taking a page out of the ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evaluate) training book: a training book that needs to see serious revisions.

From Meadowland Elementary, disturbing details emerged as the Indiana State Teachers Association released the story to the public. Teachers were removed to a separate room, away from students, told to crouch down, and shot in the head. Many of the teachers sustained injuries such as welts and bleeding. What’s even more startling, the teachers were informed not to tell anyone what happened, leaving minds reeling and questions unanswered. The local law enforcement did not comment on the specific incident, but they did state they no longer used airsoft guns in their training.

The training provided by local law enforcement and private groups such as ALICE is an invaluable tool for schools to access when it comes to the alarming trend of school shootings. Where the ALICE training program went wrong was the discharge of replica weapons, such as airsoft guns, on school grounds.

Sign the petition to demand ALICE Founder, Greg Crane, reform his training program. Do not use airsoft guns on those tasked with educating and protecting our children.


Dear Greg Crane,

Active shooter response drills are taken seriously by schools across the country. This is the reason Meadowlawn Elementary School used your ALICE training to prepare for an active shooter. In January 2019, during such training, events went very wrong. The local law enforcement, using your ALICE training, opened fire on teachers with airsoft guns, shooting them execution style. Teachers, were left bruised, bloodied, and terrified with no answers given about why this happened. The truth, it shouldn’t have happened. The ALICE training program should not be training people to discharge replica weapons at educators, let alone on school grounds.

The training you offer is an invaluable resource to school districts. It is necessary that teachers and students are prepared for the reality of an active shooter. What happened at Meadowlawn Elementary was beyond what anyone could have expected. Teachers were separated from their students, moved into a secluded room and shot with replica weapons. What purpose could this have served? Teachers were not warned about this possibility and furthermore, they were told not to discuss what happened to anyone. This is unacceptable.

Your program calls for the use of replica weapons, such as airsoft guns, in the active shooter response drills. These guns should never be discharged on school grounds and should never be used on an educator. I urge you to remove the use of these weapons on school property to ensure a safe training program for schools across the country.


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Photo Credit: Amirali Mirhashemian

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