Protect Gulf Whales from Extinction

Target: Greg Sheehan, Acting Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Goal: Protect Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s whales from extinction.

The rare Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s whale is facing a deadly future if nothing is done to preserve the species and its habitat. Congress is demanding that the species be protected. Sign the petition to join them.

There are fewer than 100 Gulf whales left in the wild. Their natural habitat is south of Pensacola and west of Tampa. Fishing, oil spills, noise, and even vessel strikes have killed most of the 40-foot long species of whale.

In 2016, the National Marine Fisheries Service said that the whale’s only hope is protection under the Endangered Species Act. This has yet to happen. Sign the petition to demand protections be granted to this species now before it is too late.


Dear Director Sheehan,

The sleek and majestic Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s whale can reach 40 feet long. It is a giant in the seas off the coast of Florida. However, fewer than 100 remain in the wild.

Fishing, vessel strikes, noise, and oil spills have killed off the species. For two years, it has waited to be listed under the Endangered Species Act. It has waited long enough. I demand you grant life-saving protections to the Bryde’s whale.


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Photo Credit: GFDL



  1. Dolores Proubasta says:

    Fewer than 100 left … and we are dawdling to protect the majestic Bryde’s Whale. That’s so, so “human.” Just add one more to the thousands of species we have murdered to extinction. What’s one more.

    • It’s NOT “human”, but an artifact of the psychopathically erxploitative Euro- and Asian culture which presently predominates.
      Since humans are a fear-filled omnivore social primate, closest in behavior to chimps and baboons, we’ve beedn evolved to mostly pay attention to one another, and to form large groups to attack and kill any organism, including ourselves, that SEEMS to be foodlike or that interferes or threatens the group in any way whatsoever.
      But this attack on all other life is cultural – learned.
      I did not have it as a child, instead attempting to protect amphibians, snakes, turtles, plants, trees, insects, and all mammals from those who look upon all other life as “things” for profit of some sort.
      I’ve spoken against keeping dolphins captive since the early 1960s, against trapping & shooting wolves, bears, coyotes, and against ANY killing of whales.
      Most of us have lived in the poisonous smog era, and I’ve acted also against the intrusion of motors, the vile excess noise through which this culture prevents awareness of other animal sounds/communications, and the foul light pollution that most of this culture prizes.
      So, either DON’T overgeneralize, or shut up completely about complaining and get off your fat ass and DO something about it.

  2. We have to do everything in our powers to protect and preserve and SAVE these magnificent whales.

  3. Faye Pineda says:

    We must band together save these creatures.

  4. Maria Bertrand says:

    Greg Sheehan, Acting Director, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Why aren’t these whales already protected under the Endangered Species Act. TYPICAL OF MAN TO WASTE AND WASTE AND WASTE TILL HE SAYS OOPS NONE LEFT.

  5. Tom Swearington says:

    We really have to protect our animals before it’s too late
    In many cases it is too late already
    They’ve just dissapeared from the planet and it’s our fault

  6. Heather Brophy says:

    Sheehan, WE PAY YOU TO PROTECT IF YOU CAN’T GET THE HELL OUT NOW and stop wasting our money!

  7. Gabriela Torres says:

    Dear Director Sheehan:
    Make sure that you DEMAND in accordance with the Endangered Species Act that protection be granted to the Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s whale -‘soonest possible’!

  8. Elizabeth Story says:

    Please give the rare Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s whale protection NOW under the Endangered Species Act before it’s too late.

  9. Carolyn Taylor says:

    These whales need help to survive! Protect the few that remain, now!

  10. Diane Beeny says:

    Protect endangered Bride’s whales and other marine mammals in the Gulf of Mexico NOW!!!

    Extinction is Forever.

  11. With so few left, we need t protect them urgently. Through humans greed we have caused so many species to be on the verge of extinction. Here we have a chance to save them so act before it is too late.

  12. Denise Davies says:

    Why can’t people leave mammals/animals alone, theses beautiful creatures need protection now

  13. Denise Davies says:

    Already left comment

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