End Soybean Deforestation in Tropical Rainforests

Target: Ricardo Salles, Minister of Environment, Brazil

Goal: Bring an end to deforestation in soybean harvesting.

Soybeans are destroying the tropical rainforests of South America. Brazil in particular has felt the negative consequences of soybean harvesting. Even though a moratorium has been placed on the practice in the Amazon basin, it has since migrated to other tropical forests in the nation. Sign the petition to demand the government act to bring an end to this harmful practice.

Soybean production has doubled in only two decades. However, only a small percentage of those beans are turned into food products. As much as 75% ends up in animal feed. This demand has led to cultivation in Brazil’s most fragile ecosystems, like the Cerrado region. This region is home to over 3,000 plants, animals, birds, and reptiles.

All of these species will lose their home should deforestation continue. Sign the petition to demand that the government of Brazil protect the Cerrado region so that it doesn’t fall victim to damaging soybean deforestation.


Dear Minister Salles,

Brazil is one of the leading producers of soybean production in the world. While this leads to economic benefits, it also leads to ecological disaster. Large areas of tropical rainforest are being destroyed by soybean harvesting. While the Amazon has since been protected by a moratorium, other areas have not been so lucky.

The Cerrado region is home to thousands of rare plants, animals, birds, and reptiles. Should the issue of soybean harvesting not be addressed, death may come to the region. I demand you protect your rainforests from soybean deforestation.


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