Reform Juvenile Law in India

Target: The Government of India

Goal: Enact stricter punishment for juveniles who have committed offenses of a serious nature, such as murder or rape

In India, juveniles up to the age of 18 cannot be tried as adults in cases of serious crimes such as murder or rape. For those who commit such intolerant acts, the most severe punishment they will ever receive is a maximum sentence of three years in a reform facility. The lax nature of this law arguably invites young violence-prone individuals to take out their aggression on others. Appeal to the Government of India to enact stricter punishment for juveniles who commit these terrible crimes.

The recent tragedy in India that resulted in the death of a student who was gang-raped illustrates the incongruity of letting a juvenile off the hook when it comes to intolerable crimes. Before she died, the young 23 year-old allegedly told her mother that the youngest of the six accused rapists had “participated in the most brutal aspects of the rape. ”

While the other five, who are above the age of 18, face the possibility of the death sentence, the youngest will receive a maximum of three years in a reform facility if convicted. Certainly, a punishment this lenient will not deter other minors from violence, nor will it likely result in penitence from the young accused.

Social rights activists are now calling for stricter punishment for juveniles found guilty of serious crimes and many petitions are now circulating that call for a change in Indian laws. Because rape in India is steadily increasing, action must be taken to show men of this country that such heinous acts will not be tolerated. At present, the laws seem to suggest that punishment for rape and murder is either too lax or will not be carried out at all.

Ask the Government of India to recognize the ever-growing problem of rape and murder, and voice concern over the current laws in place. In offenses of a serious nature, juveniles should face punishment that is commensurate with the magnitude of their crimes.


Dear Government of India,

The time has come to reform juvenile law in your country. At present, delinquents who commit acts of a serious nature, such as rape or murder, will never face a sentence exceeding three years in a reform facility.

This is a tragedy, for it does not deter young people from violent acts nor does it result in penitence from those sentenced. A mere three years is a short price to pay for destroying human life, regardless of the convicted person’s age.

Please change your juvenile sentencing laws in order to deter crime in the future. It is a disgrace to let delinquents escape severe punishment when they have committed severe crimes.


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Photo Credit: The Irrawaddy Magazine

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  1. Dr. RAJ NATH BHAT says:

    URGENT— Any Juvenile who is a part of the Gang- a Gangster must loose all concessions on account of being Juvenile.
    Those who do a crime like rape as a member of the gang and then pierces a rod into abdomen through Vagina after rape- OH MY GOD has he to get license for the crime because some one once upon a time has made a Juvenile law in some medieval period. This horrible terror is intolerable. Oh God!

  2. This country cannot be reformed. First of all, it is incorrect to call that beast a ‘juvenile’ or a ‘delinquent’, given that he has shown that he is nothing short of a barbaric animal. Now, if the Indian Govt. is going to let him off with 3 years in a correctional facility, they can be sure that there more lot more repeats of such acts by 17 year, 6 month olds! The reasoning is simple: if somebody wanted to commit a crime, they can use a so called ‘juvenile’, finish their task and if he or she does get caught, they would anyway escape with an ultra light punishment. When you cannot give justice in a swift stroke the way crime achieves something in a swifter stroke, you are a lame authority: incapable of the post handed over to you. You set an example that is stupid and only goes on to aggravate rather than solve the problem at hand!

  3. The punishment should fit the crime, there is very little moral naturational refinement than can take place between 17.5 and 18 years of age, his crime at 17.5yrs would be no more or less severe based on any maturation in his mind, if he would be able to commit this level of attrocity at this age, it would only be likely to get worse as he aged. Moral reasoning is never complete in life, but we all know right from wrong at a young age. He was complicit in a gang rape, participated knowingly and in no uncertain terms caused the death of the victim by routing out her intestines, and leaving the gastrointestinal tract open to the scepticemia which contributed to her death, in his attack on her with a blunt object.

    Even if the laws were not able to change to pursue the death penalty for this bastard of a human being, the laws must be changed that he can not just walk free with her innocent blood on his hands. Even if the death penalty does not hold, the laws must change that he is trued under mire substantiated laws which will fit the severity of the crime has has committed.

    He can not walk free. To allow this sends the wrong message. Human Justice must reflect Gods Justice and no matter what his fate, he can not be allowed to walk away from what he has done. As it stands the current law states that he will walk away in June, after no more than 6 months in prison.

    Different people will exact differing levels of mercy, with leniency against the death penalty expected by some. But for all observers, and especially the victims family, God bless their souls, there will be some expectation of punishment that the perpetrator reflects and comes to terms with the severity of the implications of their actions.

    Allowing him to walk free under the current law would be a mockery of the word justice and routes to protesting need to be made clearer for all who believe in any semblence of Justice.

    This person simply can not be tried in the juvenile court of law and those with the authority to do so must push for the required action for justice.

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