Protect Short-Eared Owl from Extinction

Target: Patrick McDonnell, Secretary of Environmental Protection, Pennsylvania

Goal: Protect the rare short-eared owl from habitat loss and extinction.

Pennsylvania’s short-eared owl faces a short future due to construction and development destroying its habitat. The grassy fields these owls call home are disappearing from the state, replaced by warehouses, strip malls, and factory farms. Demand that the owl be protected.

The short-eared owl once made its home in the state’s grassy prairies and marshes. Their small tufts of fur, looking like ears, gave them their name. The bird used to be found in the South, but has largely disappeared due to habitat loss. Now, only a few remain in the Northeast. In addition to habitat loss, climate change is also threatening the bird, affecting its migration patterns.

More must be done to protect this rare species if it has any hope of survival for future generations to view and admire. Sign the petition to demand that action be taken to protect the bird’s habitat and its life.


Dear Secretary McDonnell,

The rare short-eared owl may soon disappear from the state’s grassy prairies and fields forever. Their habitats have given way to mini malls, warehouses, and highways. The bird has disappeared from a majority of states, except for those in the Northeast. It’s future is bleak.

More must be done to protect this species and the land it calls home. Help fight against the development of its habitat, help support laws that will decrease the effects of climate change, and help protect the future of this species.


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Photo Credit: DickDaniels

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