Cadbury: Stop Destroying Endangered Species and Their Habitats

Target: Dirk Van de Put, CEO, Cadbury

Goal: Cut ties with palm oil plantations that are killing endangered species.

A major chocolate company has direct ties with destructive palm oil plantations. Cadbury sources its ingredients from palm oil plantations. Demand that the chocolate giant cut ties with this destructive industry.

Palm oil is one of the leading causes of rainforest deforestation. Millions of acres of land are being destroyed and thousands of endangered species are losing their homes forever. Species like the orangutan are dying at rapid numbers, without a mate, without a home, and without food. If nothing is done to put a stop to the farming of palm oil, our rainforests may cease to exist.

As a major producer of chocolate, Cadbury has the opportunity and the financial means to direct change. Sign the petition to demand that Cadbury cut ties with destructive and deadly palm oil plantations.


Dear Mr. Van de Put,

Cadbury is a major producer of chocolate. However, that chocolate is being produced at the expense of our rainforests and the endangered species that call them home. Palm oil is a source of the chocolates’ ingredients. One of the leading causes of deforestation, the palm oil industry has led to the deaths of thousands of innocent animals.

Cadbury has the means and the voice to direct immediate change. If you source from more sustainable and ethical industries, other chocolate producers may follow. I demand that you cut ties with palm oil plantations.


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  1. I LOVE Cadbury however after hearing this I will NOT purchase again! Btw, I believe Cadbury is owned by Hershey. Just more big business destroying the planet.

  2. Replace palm oil in your recipe!

  3. Orangutans are dying for palm oil — the forest homes of these great apes are being destroyed for palm oil – an ingredient in almost half the products on our supermarket shelves — We have alternatives — we have many other plant-based oils to choose from, whereby NO destruction comes into play, whereby NO one suffers, whereby NO one dies — we MUST protect our Orangutans and other wild animals — we MUST protect their homes, their natural habitats, their Rain-forests.

  4. Maria Bertrand says:

    Dirk Van de Put, CEO, Cadbury Why do so many on this planet treat animals as if they don’t count. THEY COUNT every bit as much as man…more because they are not destructive and greedy like man. Cadbury please cut your ties with palm oil plantations. You have the power and can lead the way by example by leaving the planet better then you found it and not desecrating it!! This will surely come back to BITE if your don’t start pouring positivity into this planet!! Find other ingredients to use. Surely this in not impossible otherwise you have lost one more customer and so much more!!

  5. What about the Yowies you use to promote and sell??? What a bunch of hypocrites you are!!!

  6. They should protect the orangutans, they make enough money.

  7. Justin Recht says:

    To stop the destruction is not up to Cadbury but up to YOU!!!!

    Stop buying chocolates regardless the source!
    I am proud to say that I stopped eating my favorite bars: Mars Bars & Kitkat years ago when I found out what is does to our planet.
    Cadbury only keeps doing what they do because YOU demand it!
    Boycott! Boycott! Boycott!

  8. Julie Bates says:

    HAVE U NOTICED THESE ASSHOLE…MONEY GRABBING CORPERATIONS HAVE BEEN USING OTHER NAMES FOR PALM OIL!!!!! The fuckers just don’t use the word PALM on the labels….this should be outlawed !!!!

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