Puppy Reportedly Beaten to Death With Shovel Deserves Justice

Target: Andrew M. Gregson, District Attorney for Randolph County, North Carolina

Goal: Punish the man who allegedly beat an innocent puppy to death with a shovel.

A puppy was allegedly beaten to death in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect reportedly used a shovel to fatally injure the helpless dog. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office is investigating after they received reports of aggravated animal cruelty. Per a concerned citizen, 49-year-old Donald Duran Baker beat a puppy to death with a shovel earlier this month. The citizen witnessed the alleged beating and reported it to authorities days later. It is unclear if the puppy’s body has been discovered and Baker’s motives are unreported at this time.

Deputies arrested Baker and charged him with felony cruelty to an animal. He has been granted a $25,000 secured bond. Sign below to demand that this man receive the maximum penalty possible, if convicted.


Dear District Attorney Gregson,

A puppy died after the poor animal was allegedly maliciously beaten. Deputies stated that a shovel was the suspect’s weapon of choice. I demand justice for this poor pup.

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Office arrested 49-year-old Donald Duran Baker on one charge of felony cruelty to an animal after he allegedly killed a puppy. A concerned citizen contacted deputies and claimed that they witnessed Baker beat the puppy to death with a shovel. It is unclear if the dog’s body was found or what Baker’s alleged motive might have been. Baker has been granted a $25,000 bond and he will face his charge at a later date.

The person who murdered this innocent puppy is a danger to animals and they must be punished. I demand that you seek the maximum penalty in this case.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: joaogbjunior


  1. Victoria Salter says:

    Hi 👋,
    Is there any chance that the puppy 🐶 may have survived? If so, can they please be found as soon as possible? Please let me know how they are, if they are still with us.
    Thank you 😊 to the moon 🌓 and back for this and for all the good you do, will do and have ever done.
    May you, the puppy 🐶, everyone you know (both human and nonhuman) and all other sentient beings be perfectly well, healthy, happy and safe forever.
    Best Wishes,
    Have the best day and night ever!

  2. Prügelt diesen Basdarte auch bis er Tod ist das ist das einzig richtige bei diesem Haufen Scheiße.

  3. Please put this POS away.
    Or better yet…beat him with a shovel till he dies

  4. I would take that little boy and put him under a steam shovel and drop it on his fuckin head

  5. What is it about the state of North Carolina? Why does it seem like the majority of these animal abuse cases take place there?

    • Dolores Proubasta says:

      States in which animal slaughter is big business attract the worst kind of people. Who else can slash and stab all day? Not surprisingly, NC has scum capable of beating a pup, to death. Pig, pet, person … what is the difference, really! They all suffer the same.

  6. Bina Pannell says:

    Well done ‘concerned citizen’ who waited days before doing something!!!!!!!!

  7. Take a shovel and beat the shit out of him. He doesn’t deserve to live.

  8. Ban both him AND the “witness” from owning animals for life. Make sure they are registered as cruel to animals. Thank you

  9. Nena Miller says:

    This asshole is absolutely a useless waste is space and resources. Put his ass in jail with some crazy man who loves his dog!

  10. This crazy lunatic should also be battered to death in the same way. Period. Americans are becoming lunatics as more such cases are coming into the open. Is this the ‘Trump Effect’?

  11. Amanie canine says:

    “Motives are unclear “? He’s a psychopath !
    It’s sad that we even need a petition for this
    “Animal abusers of today are the serial killers of tomorrow “
    FBI post

  12. Matt Nicholas says:

    This is horrific cruelty – another beautiful and precious soul beaten to death, what would possess someone to do something this, IDK. It makes you feel ashamed to be human when you read stuff like this. The best outcome here would be if this individual never was allowed to own an animal/pet again unless they could prove they have mended their ways. I guess it does happen if they find Jesus or something.. Anyway, RIP beautiful puppy – XXX

  13. Bastard!!!!!!!!! Time people like this are dispatched from this life in great pain. Cut his hands off and leave him to bleed to death but feed him to pigs before he goes. What a rotten country.

  14. I’m begging,please please find this disgusting excuse of a human and give him the maximum sentence.The garbage that are killing and abusing these innocent animal in part know if caught they’ll get a slap on the wrist only to do it again and again.To many people animals are far and away better than people,they can’t defend themselves.Please find this piece of slime and make him an example to anyone thinking of doing this to there animal.How were these people brought up.This is so disgusting.R.I.P Little puppy,hopefully you won’t have died in vane.

  15. Don’t grant this SOB anything just do the same to it, we don’t need shit like that on earth as we have enough…So just kill it same way.Just putting it in jail only to get back out in a week…Do away with IT!!!!

  16. this evil piece of rotting garbage…who beats a defenseless baby dog….there are just no words for this cruel empty husk of flesh. Please, if there is any justice, sue for every penny, for vet bills, for shelters, with a shovel-break his knees. Once again, because these judges do NOTHING to these criminals..this will happen over and over. We need to make this law of the land, no animal abuse. NONE will be tolerated!!

  17. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Starting his life and already confronted with the human evil… This has to cease now: Let justice be done!

  18. Donald Duran baler has no place in our society. He is a sadiatic psychopath who will hurt anything smaller and weaker than he is. Lock him up for good. Pr better yet, dont waste our tax dollarsnon his prison care, Just beat him slowly to death with a shivel like he dis to this innocent pup! He is a waste of Human life.

  19. This sub human Donald duran Baker has no place amongst us. Incarcerate him forever.
    Animal Laws Need to Be Stricketer with heavy consiquences or this abuse will continue.
    Sadly most judges have no compassion towards animals and usually let these sick criminals off with a slap on the wrist. ! Instead they should be locked away and off our streets. They are a danger to all animals and potentially people.

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