Ask the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to Use Donations for Abused and Neglected Animals

Target: ASPCA President, Ed Sayres.

Goal: Ask the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals to stop squandering donations.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) relies on donations to fund their organization, and donors expect that their money is being used to save the lives of abused pets. However, ASPCA president Ed Sayres’s salary in 2010 was more than $555,000 and he recently fought against “No Kill” legislation in Congress, a move which ensured the deaths of 60,000 New York City pets. The ASPCA has also refused to work with smaller rescue groups who have offered to accept pets that the ASPCA could not accommodate, leading to more unnecessary euthanasia.

While the ASPCA has traditionally been a champion of animal welfare, president of the organization Ed Sayres has continued to make decisions that jeopardize the organization’s goals. In December of 2012, the ASPCA lost a 12 year court case against a circus, in part because the ASPCA paid huge sums of money to the star witness, a practice which the judge referred to as “racketeering.” In total, the ASPCA had to fork out over $9.3 million in legal fees because of their poor judgment in bringing about a lawsuit with a “paid plantiff.”

In addition to questionable spending practices, the ASPCA is reputed to be very difficult to work with. Some smaller animal rescues are claiming that the ASPCA has allowed thousands of pets in New York City to be euthanized rather than allow other rescues to take them. The ASPCA has claimed that the animals that were euthanized were too aggressive to be re-homed, even though some of the other rescues specialized in rehabilitating aggressive dogs.

Please ask the ASPCA to reconsider its business practices and spending so that donations can be used to improve animal welfare.


Dear Ed Sayres,

Traditionally, the ASPCA has been a champion of animal welfare. However, in recent years, it seems that more and more donations are being squandered, rather than used towards the prevention of cruelty to animals. In 2010, your salary was more than $555,000, all from donations. Your twelve year litigation with the RICO case has recently cost the ASPCA more than $9.3 million, all of which could have been used to help rescue pets from abuse and neglect. According to the judge who heard the case, your lawsuit failed in part because the witness was paid over $160,000, which he called “racketeering.”

You have also fought against “No Kill” legislation in New York City, which would have prevented an estimated 60,000 unnecessary animal deaths per year. To fight against this legislation seems counterintuitive to the goals of the ASPCA. Smaller rescue groups in New York City also have claimed that your organization is very difficult to work with and that often, pets are euthanized rather than transferred from your care to another rescue willing to take the pets.

The ASPCA is renowned for protecting the welfare of animals, but these recent decisions seem counterproductive to the goals of your organization. Please reconsider your position against animal welfare legislation that would prevent euthanasia, your spending practices, and your refusal to cooperate with other rescues so that more donations can be used for saving the lives of animals.


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  1. More than half a million is a pretty good salary for anyone in a non profit organization. hope you didn’t spend it on a mink toilet seat.

  2. Animal Cruelty should be a FELONY charge & mandatory prison time in EVERY city/state! It should also include a registry like the sex offenders registry so that one someone convicted of animal abuse lives near you, you will know so that you can keep an extra close eye on your beloved pets! stats show over and over that someone who abuses animals are SO MUCH more likly to abuse woman and children! PUT A STOP TO THIS!!! Make the punishment harsh instead of what most states have now, a simple slap on the wrist and most of the time NO jail time! SICK SICK justice system if you ask me!!

  3. naomi yokoyama says:

    That is so wrong. Why doesn’t she share it with animals. It is no profit and the top is getting this much. It is greed and evil and no passion for animals

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