Punish Couple Accused of Leaving 35 Cats to Die

Target: Paige Clarkson, District Attorney of Marion County, Oregon

Goal: Prosecute the couple who allegedly locked 35 cats in a truck without food or water to the fullest extent of the law.

A couple locked 35 cats in their truck for three days, according to Oregon law enforcement. Police officials claim the cats were kept in laundry baskets, zip tied together to prevent the innocent cats from escaping. During their three day imprisonment the cats allegedly had no access to water, food, or fresh air. After freeing the animals, deputies found that three of the helpless cats had died from neglect.

It is unclear as to why Richard Kleimeier and his wife Jenny Kleimeier might have had so many cats. Local reports claim that the Kleimeiers had hoarded these animals and had acquired them over the course of years; ultimately they had far too many cats in their possession to support. The Willamette Humane Society reports that the cats range from kittens to geriatric senior cats and although all the survivors are recovering they are in a variety of health conditions. The couple was charged with three counts of first degree animal neglect and 32 counts of second degree animal neglect.

Please sign this petition to demand that these cats receive justice for their trauma and that the accused are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


Dear Ms. Clarkson,

A couple in your county allegedly locked 35 cats in their truck and left them to die. The cats were reportedly zip tied into laundry baskets and left without any food, water, or fresh air. Police say when they found the helpless animals they had been trapped for three days. Of the 35 cats, three were found dead apparently from extreme neglect. Richard Kleimeier and his wife Jenny Kleimeier were arrested for these alleged crimes and are currently in the Marion County jail.

The Willamette Humane Society reports that the cats range in age from kittens to elderly senior cats. The animals are recovering but are in a variety of health conditions based on age, sickness, and levels of neglect. There is currently no information as to why the 35 cats were apparently locked in a truck to die, but local police allege the couple in question may have been hoarding cats. After years of recklessly finding more animals, the accused may have found they were unable to care for the helpless cats. Please find justice for these traumatized animals. I demand that you prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law.


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Photo Credit: Thomas Peter

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  1. gen agustsson says:

    its not only animal abuse and neglect but its animal hoarding as well.

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