Shut Down Dangerous Pipelines Before They Explode

Target: Tom Wolf, Governor of Pennsylvania

Goal: Shut down and investigate the potentially dangerous Sunoco Mariner East pipelines.

Three natural gas pipelines may be polluting locals’ drinking water and causing dangerous sinkholes. A criminal investigation has been opened up against the Sunoco Mariner East pipeline in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The original Mariner East pipeline was built in the 1930s, but Sunoco’s two new expansions are allegedly damaging the community. The district attorney, Tom Hogan, claims that Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf and utility experts failed to make sure the pipelines were safe. Before the investigation, environmental rights groups had tried to stop construction on the pipelines, but had gained little ground against the vested interests of big business.

The pipeline expansions have been blamed for enormous sinkholes that developed as close as 50 feet from the homes of Pennsylvanians. One sinkhole opened up near the local Amtrak station and caused the entire train station to temporarily close. Chester County residents allege that Sunoco openly harassed and frightened people who stepped forward with evidence of the sinkholes and groundwater pollution. A pipeline explosion in Beaver County occurred under similar circumstances and inspired the district attorney to take action.

Please sign this petition to demand that Sunoco Mariner East pipelines be shut down until they can be fully investigated.


Dear Governor Wolf,

Sunoco’s Mariner East pipelines are allegedly a danger to residents of your state. The original pipeline is nearly one hundred years old, but its two expansions may result in an environmental catastrophe. Environmental groups claim that expansions to the pipeline have resulted in dangerous sinkholes and groundwater pollution. The district attorney in Chester County, Tom Hogan, has opened a criminal investigation. According to Hogan, the pipelines are not safe and Sunoco may have mislead the utility regulators who allowed it to be built.

Hogan began his investigation after a similar pipeline exploded in Beaver County. Since the explosion, Hogan has been visiting Chester County locals who report sinkholes and polluted water only 50 feet from residential areas. One sinkhole was found near an Amtrak station and temporarily stopped all train traffic there. If Hogan’s claims are true, then their pipeline cannot be allowed to endanger the lives of everyone living in Chester County. There is evidence that this could be a disaster like the recent Beaver County explosion. I demand that you shut down the pipelines until they can be fully investigated.


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Photo Credit: Jon Hurdle

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