Stop Walmart from Selling Assault Weapons

Target: Walmart CEO Mike Duke, and all Walmart stores in the United States

Goal: Stop selling assault weapons in Walmart stores

Walmart is the largest dealer of guns and ammunition in the United States. Its stores all over the country are not there to perform a public service. Walmart is a business, and like most businesses, its primary goal is to make money. This does not mean that it doesn’t care about what people (particularly customers) think and want–quite the contrary. Apparently, Walmart cares so much about what its customers want that it continues to sell assault weapons, because its customers want them.

In the past, Walmart has also taken into consideration what its customers want by deciding to stop selling music with curse words because some customers might find it “objectionable”. Evidently, Walmart is sometimes willing to forsake making a profit for the sake of others, just not when it comes to things that could kill you. One could speculate that the $10 price tag on a CD versus the $899 price tag on an assault weapon might have something to do with it.

After the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, Walmart removed a semi-automatic weapon (much like the one used in the Newtown shooting in December as well as the Colorado shooting in July) from its website. This does not mean that the weapon was removed from Walmart entirely; in fact, Walmart provides directions to the closest Walmart store where that same weapon is available for purchase – in some 1200 locations around the country.

Similar assault rifles are also available, and advertised online. A quick search of reveals, for instance, the Smith & Wesson 811030 MP1522 Rifle for sale. This assault weapon is a semi-automatic rifle with a 25 round magazine.  Looking through the customer reviews on this item, the first one that comes up is entitled “Great Firearm!” This customer describes the rifle as a “fun all around shooter!” and “the only downside is you need to get more magazines”. Another review says “fun to shoot” and “I’ve told all my friends”.

Sign this petition to tell Walmart that selling these guns is unacceptable. Walmart cares what its customers want, so let’s tell them: we don’t want assault weapons.


Dear Mike Duke,

The horrendous shootings of last year – first in Aurora, Colorado; then in Newtown Connecticut – were both carried out with the use of assault weapons similar to those you currently sell in your stores around the country.

I understand that you are running a business and that as a business you carry items that your customers want. I also understand that there are plenty of people willing to purchase these assault weapons from you especially because of your competitive prices. However, there are also many people who do not want these items sold in their local Walmart store. I urge you to listen to them.

In the past, Walmart has taken into consideration what their customers want by deciding to stop selling music with curse words because some customers might find it objectionable. There is now a very large group of people who object to assault weapons being sold. I ask you to treat them as valued customers, and show them the same consideration.

Thank you.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” Who said that?

  2. Sylvia Schmidt says:

    The NRA gets a cut of every weapon you sell from gun manufacturers. Hunters do not need assault weapons to hunt. Walmart has a responsibility to the public.

  3. Who here can define what an assault weapon is? Who here has the right to tell any free man or woman how they can and cannot defend their lives and/or families lives from an attacker? Who here knows the history of the WWII attack on US soil and why it wasn’t on the mainland? Who here actually looks at unbiased statistics as an effort to self educate before following the media like sheep? Yes, change is needed but treating a symptom doesn’t cure the disease.

  4. Mortgageboss Mortgageboss says:

    FYI, Wal-Mart has never sold AK-47s

  5. Gen Lovyet Agustsson says:

    no weapons for sale!

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