Stop Japan’s Whale Slaughter

Target: His Excellency Shinzō Abe, Prime Minister of Japan

Goal: Stop Japan’s withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission.

Japan has reportedly announced plans to resume its commercial whaling after withdrawing from the International Whaling Commission at the end of this year. Japan has been infamous for its merciless slaughter of whales for decades, killing hundreds per year for the sale of whale meat and blubber. This past year, whalers killed 122 pregnant minke whales during an annual research hunt in the South Seas.

We cannot allow Japan to follow through with this decision. Whales as a whole are a severely endangered group of animals; the whale meat and blubber markets have nearly swept the ocean clean of these beautiful, intelligent creatures over the last century. Japan is one of several countries most responsible for this near-genocide, despite having been a part of the IWC since 1951; if they withdraw, nothing will be stopping them legally or otherwise from killing as many whales as they want in the future.

This decision bodes ill for the future of all whales across the South Seas, and eventually the entire planet. We cannot let this happen. Sign this petition to demand Japan remain part of the IWC and stop all whaling.


Dear Prime Minister Abe,

Japan’s decision to withdraw from the International Whaling Commission in order to resume commercial whaling is dangerous and unethical. Your country has been partially responsible for the near-genocide of many species of whale, particularly the minke; this past year, whalers killed 122 pregnant minke whales during an annual research hunt. Millions of these beautiful creatures are dying every year for the sake of profit, with the whale meat and blubber markets still so big.

You must reverse your decision and remain a part of the IWC. Whales are among the most vulnerable and threatened creatures on this planet, and their loss would be a devastating blow. Remain in the IWC and stop your country’s whaling completely. Do not prioritize the profit made from the whale meat and blubber markets above the well-being of beautiful living creatures.


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Photo Credit: NOAA


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  1. Once again the Japanese defy the IWC with its so-called scientific research. I’d like to see countries unite and blow these killing ships out of the sea, in the name of science. Hate Japanese – they remain uncivilised by continuing to abuse animals. Avoid visiting this country and buying its products

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