Demand Justice for Baby Rhino Orphaned by Poachers

Target: Fundisile Mketeni, Chief Executive Officer of South African National Parks

Goal: Find and punish the poachers responsible for slaughtering a herd of rhinos and leaving one an orphan.

David was a four-month-old baby rhino when his entire herd was slaughtered in front of him. Poachers sneaked into a South African National Park and killed his herd, called a crash, leaving David an orphan. When rescuers found the deceased adults, David was cowering next to the body of his mother. He was so small and helpless that he could be manually lifted into the bed of a truck and transported to his new home — a rhino orphanage.

David is one of a diminishing number of surviving rhinos in the world. Approximately three rhinos are killed each day in South Africa alone. Typically, rhinos are killed for their horns, which are used in traditional medicine or act as a status symbol. The most endangered of the five rhino species is the white rhino, which has two individuals left in the world. Rhino numbers have been decimated by poachers, resulting in the extinction of one species.

South Africa needs to strengthen poaching regulations and enforcement. They need to take a stand for the remaining rhino populations. We demand justice for baby David and the family he lost to poachers. Urge South African National Parks to find and punish the poachers responsible for this slaughter and ensure regulations that prevent it from happening in the future.


Dear Mr. Mketeni,

Last month an entire family of rhinos was slaughtered by poachers in a South African park. Their horns were stolen and their bodies were left to decompose. David, a four-month-old baby rhino, was left behind to mourn over his mother’s body. He was rescued by a volunteer organization and placed in a rhino orphanage.

Rhinos are too rare for this to be ignored. South Africa needs to do more to protect its remaining wild rhinos. We, the undersigned, demand justice for David the baby rhino and all other rhinos living in South Africa.


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Photo Credit: Derek Keats


  1. Justice for the great animals here now. More BOOTS on the ground to protect all sacred wildlife like David from the poachers.

  2. Poaching and all of its horrible consequences needs to END!

  3. Animals experience the same emotions and feelings as humans. This precious baby rhino witnessed the murder of his mother and will be traumatized for the rest of his life. The greedy, heartless scumbags who are responsible should also be traumatized for the rest of their lives, meaning life long prison sentences without the possibility of parole. Or better yet … I’m in favor of the death penalty for poachers and trophy hunters.

  4. The market for animal parts should be erased by governments banning these products from being sold and exported – countries who allow or tolerate this market are just as guilty as the poachers and the stupid belief they have medicinal benefits are archaic cruel ideas that belong in the dark ages – these animals have to be protected from asshole poachers who would do anything for money disgusting lowlifes as are the creeps who buy these things – a whole network of horrible greedy stupid people who should be locked up


  6. Hang the freaks!!!!!!

  7. Yes, justice, but you’ve got to find these filthy poachers first, and how are you goinng to do that? It’s those supersticious animal-hating backward Chinese who want the horns, so what do you do about that? They are the main problem, and we’re stuck with them!! It’s all so frustrating and depressing!!!!

  8. Justin Recht says:

    I am still waiting for any African politician to take a serious stand against the systematic elimination of rhinos – seems the pull of the big money/bribes is too strong to resist.

    When is comes to superstitions, Africa and China are tightly intertwined, thus no hope for animals.
    A paradise lost.

    May God show No Mercy on all offenders! Hope they suffer Hell on earth!

  9. The only way to deter poaching is with the death penalty. Anyone caught poaching should be executed. They are murdering animals, and won’t stop with mere fines and jail time. They do not care about survival of any species but their own, so hit them where it hurts. It’s all about money, so maybe we should put up a challenge — $10,000 to bring in any known poacher. If they are found guilty of poaching, even once, the death penalty. That would make more money to some of the villages instead of canned hunts to slaughter innocent animals that can’t get away and have no chance of defending themselves.

  10. Michael Henderson says:

    Humans can be so extremely cruel. Until conviction for poaching comes with a death sentence these slaughters will continue. I do not understand why all nations have not made the sale of ivory illegal. Any nation that has not done so is contributing to the demise of African wildlife.

  11. JORGE LESCANO says:

    Death penalty for poachers, hunters, and SOB like these! Justice for animals, RIP.

  12. GET all LOATHSOME POACHERS – THROW THEM ALL IN PRISON — CRIMES AGAINST ANIMALS MUST BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY — We must ensure these SICKOS stay away from “TARGETED” Animals at every turn — The depraved indifference, the heinous cruelty, the torturous suffering inflicted on these beautiful, vulnerable, innocent RHINOS is telling of unconscionable, insane, sadistic, immoral, depraved & hateful humans — How can we allow this — THANK GOD for RESCUE Groups — PUNISHMENTS & PENALTIES MUST BE SEVERE — We do NOT want repeats of these crimes — EVER

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