Prevent Disease and Help Deer Populations

Target: Margaret Everson, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Principal Director 

Goal: End devastating chronic wasting disease that is killing the forest animals of North America.

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is taking over forests in North America. This disease affects deer, elk, and moose. It is a prion disease that is passed through infected urine, saliva, and other bodily fluids that enter the soil. For example, a moose infected with CWD urinates on a patch of soil. After that, healthy animals that come in contact with the soil can easily become infected.

The dangerous aspect of CWD is that it spreads rapidly with no known cure available to stop it. This allows the disease to spread extremely quickly when it enters any given area or population of animals. This fatal prion disease kills over 90 percent of animals infected by it.

Scientists at the University of Alberta have discovered a certain property in soil that can help prevent CWD. This disease is so deadly and rapidly spreading, anything that can help fight against it is essential. These researchers found that humic acids in soil can fight against CWD before it is passed to other organisms.  Sign the petition letter below to urge the administrator of the EPA to contribute funding toward research and development of programs to end deadly CWD. 


Dear Ms. Everson,

Chronic wasting disease is killing off a huge percentage of the United States’ population of deer, elk, and moose. Many of the species affected by this disease are already endangered. They need help preventing this disease that is so destructive to forest animals before they become extinct.

I urge you to contribute funding and resources to the research and development of disease prevention. Researchers at the University of Alberta are already working on solutions. We don’t have much time. Please help before this disease takes over all populations of deer and moose in the US.


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Photo Credit: John Stehn

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  1. With so many species in peril due to human activities, we must do better and help protect them.

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