Prevent Further Animal Deaths at National Park

Target: Sri.H.D.Kumaraswamy, Chief Minister of Karnataka Forest Department, India

Goal: Stop needless wildlife deaths due to faulty national park fencing.

An endangered elephant suffocated to death at India’s Nagarhole National Park. The animal perished after becoming stuck on a fence while searching for food. With more care and oversight by park officials, this tragedy may have been prevented.

Fences were erected around certain areas of the park to prevent wildlife from wandering into nearby farmlands. The elephant in this incident successfully passed over one such fence, and farmers later drove him away. Difficulties arose when the elephant attempted to get over the fence again. When he got stuck, his chest was squeezed, essentially cutting off oxygen supply. By the end of a botched rescue effort, the four-decade-old natural wonder was gone.

This tragedy seemingly validates arguments from critics who claim the fences do not deter animal passage, despite the park’s assertions to the contrary. The fences that are still in place will continue to pose a clear and present danger to any wildlife. Additional reports of calves and other animals becoming trapped continue to circulate.

Sign the petition to urge park overseers to remove structures that are insufficient and life-threatening to the living beings who call this park home.


Dear Mr. Kumaraswamy,

A 42-year-old endangered elephant lost his life in Nagarhole National Park. This should not be the legacy of a place that is seen as a refuge for wildlife.

The horrific occurrence, captured on video, clearly demonstrates the dangers inherent in the park’s fencing structures. The elephant helplessly straddles the fence, struggling for breath and survival. Several more animals have encountered problems with these fences, fortunately with none having the same tragic results…yet.

Is the retainment of an expensive, fatally flawed structure worth one more precious animal life? Please consider an alternative solution to protect nearby lands that does not come at the expense of the animals you are duty-bound to protect.


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Photo Credit: Neha Sinha


  1. Remove the stupid fence for justice for the great elephants here now.

  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    They can do better than that. The elephants deserve better!

  3. Come on and do better. Re – organize the park!

  4. Barton Dixon says:

    Please start paying closer attention to the environments of the animals that you have power over. And please never forget that “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

  5. While the elephant was caught on the fence , the rescuers should have cut the fence down releasing the stranded elephant.

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