Denounce Nicaragua’s Attack on Democracy

Target: Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State

Goal: Denounce Nicaragua’s attack on journalism and political demonstration.

The Center for Human Rights has been raided by the Nicaraguan government. Police loyal to the controversial Ortega administration busted down doors at the nongovernmental organization and stole numerous documents and computers. In the same week, journalists claim law enforcement have attacked five other nongovernmental organizations and one independent news outlet. These acts of state orchestrated violence follow a concerted effort to consolidate President Ortega’s power in the unstable country.

In late September, President Ortega outlawed political demonstrations after a series of student led protests. The nation was up in arms over changes to their social security program which decreased the benefits for Nicaraguan citizens and increased the tax burden. The social security “reforms” were seen as part of a larger system of corruption and authoritarian abuse by the nation’s politically disenfranchised youth. Hundreds of innocent students and protesters have already been murdered by the Nicaraguan police or paramilitary groups. President Ortega’s continued attack on free media, political dissent, and NGOs are only another phase of his attempt to end all opposition to his regime in Nicaragua.

Please sign this petition to demand the U.S. officially denounce Nicaraguan President Ortega’s recent attack on nongovernmental organizations and independent journalism.


Dear Mr. Pompeo,

Nicaragua is embroiled in the bloodiest civil conflict since their revolution. After a proposed social security “reform”  resulted in a series of student led protests, President Ortega has engaged in a coordinated crackdown against all forms of dissent in his nation. Police loyal to Ortega have purged dozens of teachers and killed hundreds of students and protesters. In late September all political demonstrations were made illegal in the face of greater resistance to what some journalists describe as a totalitarian dictatorship.

In an act of bizarrely brazen contempt for democracy, Police officials recently raided the Nicaragua Center for Human Rights in an attack that also targeted several other nongovernmental organizations and one independent news outlet. The United Nations has largely condemned Nicaragua’s human rights abuses, but the United States is still slow to respond. The Trump Administration has recently imposed sanctions on Nicaragua’s First Lady and Vice President, Rosario Murio for her role in the violent events but Ortega himself remains strangely out of reach. While the Trump Administration is willing to claim Nicaragua is part of what John Bolton described as part of a “troika of tyranny,” the United States is still largely ambivalent about the specific actions of Nicaragua’s President. I demand that you openly denounce President Ortega’s crackdown on journalists, nongovernmental organizations, and political demonstrations.


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Photo Credit: Voice of America

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