Stop Trump Administration From Letting Oil Companies Determine Environmental Rules

Target: Andrew Wheeler, Acting Administrator for the EPA

Goal: Reject environmental research potentially tainted by big-oil lobbies.

Big oil companies are weaseling their way into scientific studies on climate change and other environmental issues. Recent pollution research was proofread and edited by a prominent oil lobbyist before being published by the EPA. Tony Cox, the new chairman for the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, allowed the American Petroleum Institute to fund and copy edit significant research on particulate matter pollution. Cox has been publicly against EPA clean air regulations since he was named chairman. This move toward including oil lobbyists in environmental research seems to mirror the Trump administration’s policies in general, which have privileged energy companies over long-standing environmental regulations.

The Clean Air Act stipulates that the EPA must review scientific research that impacts the national ambient air quality. Particulate matter is one of the six explicitly named pollutants that the EPA is required to take very seriously. Cox claims that the edits his research received from the American Petroleum Institute did not significantly alter the findings or their conclusions, but activists are concerned that even small changes could be used to manipulate the public’s understanding of the role of oil companies in particulate matter pollution. Please sign this petition to demand that the EPA reject research that might have been manipulated by the interests of big oil.


Dear Mr. Wheeler,

Tony Cox, the chairman for the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, has admitted to allowing oil lobbyists to proofread and edit major pollution research. Cox both received funding and copy editing recommendations from the American Petroleum Institute in regards to the CASAC’s research on oil generated particulate matter pollution. Particulate matter, along with ozone and lead, is one of several pollutants that directly affects the national ambient air quality. In allowing clean air research to be controlled by oil lobbyists, Cox is undermining trust in America’s clean air standards.

Cox has been highly critical of EPA regulations in the past, particularly those related to clean air. The current administration consistently privileges the interests of big business over environmental science. While Cox claims that the American Petroleum Institute’s revisions to the particulate matter pollution research did not significantly affect the study’s conclusions, activists claim that without oversight, it is difficult to determine the scope of the changes.  As long as actual scientific findings are dismissed for business reasons, oil companies cannot be allowed to dictate the scope of environmental research. Please do not use research that has been potentially adulterated by oil interests. I demand that you reject research that has been altered by the American Petroleum Institute.


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Photo Credit: Tony Hisgett


  1. jeri pollock says:

    No place to sign the petition!!!

  2. Dear god trump has done enough damage.Hes a joke and an embarassment.Hes a president in his own mind.Hes certainly not mine.

  3. Paul Carter Block says:

    I am in the UK. We see daily what harm this appalling excuse for a man does to the USA and, by extension, the rest of this planet. Here, we can vociferally protest his visits but only you in the US can purge the White House of this disease. Please do everything can to take him down. It is no exaggeration to say that the world is relying on you to do the right thing.

  4. This Administration is the worst ever for our environments and Nature and our wildlife and marine mammals.

  5. Nadine Brundage says:

    We are doomed as the assault on the environment continues. Humans are the worst offenders, if this assault continues we are in big trouble for the future of this planet.

  6. I am in the UK and agree with all of the above. We have GOT to clean up our act and the planet – for the sake of ALL species – but the Trump admin are not the people to do it. They are business men who only care about their money. They do not care about the planet. Get him out as soon as possible – PLEASE!

  7. Scumbag Trump and his colleagues must be thrown out of parliament without further delay.This POS has caused irreparable damage.

  8. Maria Bertrand says:

    This administration has only been GROSSLY negative for animals and the environment. THAT SAYS IT ALL. GET HIM OUT and start repairing all the damage done…put animals and environment at the top….this will lead to a better world!

  9. Pour notre survie et celle de nos enfants

  10. Denise Kastner says:

    We can’t allow more environmental damage.

  11. I live in Québec Canada and trump is a narccissitic dick head that has RIDICULE what the president position is. He’s not even a business man,he’s a con salesman for enriching himself and using the most powerful position in the world for his own pocket. NOW THE SHUTDOWN IN WASHINGTON. HELP!!!!!. PLEASE, TO ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS YOU HAVE THE POWER ON THE TIP OF YOUR PEN TO OVER THROW HIS POSITION AND THROW HIM IN JAIL NOW!.

  12. Justin Recht says:

    We are all suffocated by the crushing dictatorship of corporations, America in particular. Mr.Trump seems to enjoy this type of leadership.

    American citizens should think of the future of their offspring before voting.
    All the money in the world cannot buy fresh, clean water and unpolluted food.

  13. Trump and EPA are turning the US into a polluted SH*THOLE!!

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