Stop Imprisoning and Torturing Ethnic Minority in China

Target: Mike Pompeo, U.S. Secretary of State

Goal: Recognize and condemn China’s reeducation campaign against the Uighur people.

Nearly one million people of the Uighur ethnicity are being kept in camps across China. The Uighur people are a mostly Muslim ethnic minority and the Chinese government is suspected of carrying out a widespread suppression of their culture and religion. This reeducation campaign is detailed in Chinese government contracts, satellite images, and the testimonies of hundreds of Uighur survivors. Despite evidence detailed in news outlets across the world the international community, including the United States, appears to be turning a blind eye to China’s coordinated destruction of an entire culture.

Within the reeducation camps, detainees are surrounded by armed guards who use tasers, stun guns, and tear gas to impose order. Mihrigul Tursun, a Uighur survivor currently living in Virginia, claims she and others were tortured and forced to ingest experimental medications while incarcerated. She told the National Press Club, “I thought I would rather die than go through this torture and begged them to kill me.” Outside of the camps, non-incarcerated Uighur people are kept under constant surveillance and in some cases have been forced to rename their children.

Please sign this petition to demand that the United States recognize and condemn the People’s Republic of China’s attempt to suppress the culture and religion of the Uighur people.


Dear Mr. Pompeo,

The People’s Republic of China is involved in a massive campaign to suppress the culture of the Uighur people. Nearly one million Uighur people are currently being held against their wills in what the Chinese government refers to as “vocational camps.” Survivors claim these camps are reeducation facilities where the Chinese government is trying to destroy the Uighur people’s Muslim heritage. This is not unprecedented in China as the government has already instituted laws that make Muslim and Uighur names illegal for children.

In the reeducation camps thousands of armed guards keep order with tasers, stun guns, and tear gas. Nearly a thousand survivors claim they were tortured and terrorized at the facilities. Mihrigul Tursun, a Uighur survivor currently living in the United States, claims she was strapped to a chair and electrocuted by guards. She also detailed before the National Press Club how she and other inmates were forced to ingest mysterious substances that affected their menstruation. On a person by person basis the United States has offered asylum to survivors like Ms. Tursun, but no official position against the Chinese government had been put forward. Please do not follow the example of the international community in turning a blind eye to these human rights abuses. I demand that you publicly recognize the suppression of the Uighur culture and condemn the Chinese government for these actions.


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Photo Credit:  Johannes Eisele

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