Demand Freedom for Orcas Trapped in Russian “Whale Jail”

Target: Sergey Donskoy, Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment

Goal: End Russia’s illegal whale capture and export industry known as the “whale jail.”

Hundreds of whales are illegally being kept prisoner off Russia’s far eastern coast. Near the city of Vladivostok, reports are emerging that detail an industry of orca and beluga whale smuggling. According to news agency RIA Novosti, 11 orcas and several beluga whales were found confined in the most recent example of what has been dubbed a “whale jail.” Although whale hunting and capture in that region is strictly controlled by the Russian government’s environmental regulations, photographs featuring whales being forced into cages have gone viral on Russian websites. Details are still emerging, but Russian animal rights groups claim there has been coordinated pushback against the spread of evidence pointing to the whale capture. Where this resistance comes from is still yet to be seen.

Oceanarium, Afalina, Bely Kit and Sochi Dolphinarium are four major Russian firms with alleged ties to the illegal whale smuggling. According to Russian animal rights activists, these firms are suspected to participate in an international whale trafficking ring that transports stolen orcas and beluga whales from “whale jails” on the far east coast to unscrupulous aquariums in China and Southeast Asia. Whether or not these particular sea life corporations are involved in these heinous acts of animal capture, Russian businesses have an international reputation that casts suspicion on mysterious crimes like this and the shoddy early attempt to cover them up. Until the organizations responsible are brought to justice, the Russian government must prioritize ending the whale smuggling trade and freeing all incarcerated cetaceans.

Please sign this petition to demand an end to whale capture and smuggling.


Dear Mr. Donskoy,

Unregulated whale hunting is illegal in your nation, but animal rights activists estimate that hundreds of whales are still being captured on the far eastern coast and smuggled out of the country. Recently, RIA Novosti reported that 11 orcas and several beluga whales have been found trapped near the city of Vladivostok in aquatic cages popularly described as “whale jails.” The smugglers’ identities have been withheld from the media, and some activists have claimed that a third party is attempting to stop the circulation of the photo evidence of this and other whale smuggling centers.

The Russian media and animal rights activists describe a theoretical trafficking racket whereby whales are captured along the far eastern coast and then smuggled, allegedly through established sea life firms like Oceanarium and Sochi Dophinarium, out of the country where they are eventually sold to criminal aquariums in China and Southeast Asia. No matter who is responsible for these crimes, the natural heritage of the Russian environment is at risk. It is your responsibility as the Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment to protect Russia’s cetacean population and bring justice to those would would steal and sell them. Please investigate whale smuggling along your nation’s far east coast and close the “whale jails.”


[Your Name Here]


  1. Free the great orca trapped now.

  2. What people do for money, sad. This must come to an end.

  3. HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MINDS! — LEAVE OUR OCEAN ANIMALS ALONE! — how can a rational, compassionate human allow for such needless suffering & premature death to our animals — WHERE is our rationality? — WHERE is our compassion? —— YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO USE, ABUSE, EXPLOIT nor KILL — STOP YOUR CRIMINAL, UNCONSCIONABLY DEPRAVED CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.


  5. Against cruelty

  6. The orcas belong in the ocean and not in cages

  7. Free them all. Retarded Russians.You are a fucking disgrace for a nation.

  8. Debra Jordan says:

    Why would anyone do something so horrible to those innocent animals. This senseless act of abuse needs to be STOPPED immediately!

  9. If there is suspicion of this happening then it MUST be investigated. Apparently there is some truth to this and enough proof that this is something Russia has to look into. AS it is, we are concerned about the population of whales of all kinds and by these “whale jails” holding precious whales for sale to the highest bidder is wrong. Keeping them confined like that is WRONG. It should be against the law to force and keep whales captured like this. I hope the Russian government will step up and do something right away. Whales are endangered and MUST BE PROTECTED.

  10. Russia…BE WARNED!!!
    All animals belong to God and if you mistreat and abuse them you will pay the price. Watch out for ‘natural’ Godly disasters cominh your way. DO NOT MOCK GOD. All creatures and creations His to be RESPECTED and treated well.

  11. Lesley Schultz says:

    Please be generous and noble as I know Russians often are. Release these beautiful and intelligent creatures!

  12. It always comes back down to China!! If there was no demand this wouldnt happen.. Pure Greed!
    Russia, do the right thing, This must be stopped immediately!

  13. This is barbaric. Free the orcas now.

  14. Orca’s and other sea animals. These people are too stupid to dance for the devil !


  16. The Russian government is well acquainted with imprisoning and subjugating others. Orcas and belugas are no exception to them.

  17. No evidence as to who is responsible, hoot! It does not take much speculation to surmise the depraved humans involved, government and industry.

  18. What a sad world with stupid Russians and Chinese vermin. Those two are only interested in money, no respect for wales or any life on earth! Don’t call this business …

  19. This is sick. These are intelligent, sensitive animals–which is a lot more than can be said of the so-called human beings who have trapped them. This must stop. Those who are doing this are destroying their own humanity–they will be less than nothing. Sad and sick.

  20. What is wrong with these people? RELEASE the Whales now you Mad Russians.

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