Congressional Republicans: Stop Holding America Hostage

Target: United States Congress

Goal: Bipartisan cooperation to put Americans back to work, regardless of which party is in the White House or controlling Congress

Recently, Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King made a comment apparently indicating his party would refuse to enact any meaningful legislation to help the American people during the current financial and jobs crises until they elected a Republican President.

In a statement about President Obama’s proposed American Jobs Act, King said, “We can maybe do some things together. Beyond that, I will tell you that it’s going to be important just to hang on and get a new President and a new configuration in Congress.”

Jobless and underemployed Americans need help now. They cannot wait for the next Presidential election for job creation, because many face dire financial circumstances associated with long-term unemployment and loss of jobless benefits. This is neither good for individuals or the American economy as a whole.

Current unemployment statistics show joblessness hovering near double digits at 9.1% in August of 2011, with 10 states above 10% and 17 over the national average. More than 42% of the jobless were long-term unemployed, a number topping 6 million people across the country. These statistics do not include the underemployed or those workers who have stopped seeking a job.

Joblessness should not be a partisan issue, and Congressional Republicans cannot and should not hold citizens hostage this way. Meaningful help for unemployed Americans remains necessary in order to put people back to work and stop the decimation of the middle class and rising poverty levels. Those in power have the ability to do something about this current crisis, and refusing to help until this country’s citizens grant Presidential and Congressional power amounts to extortion.


Dear United States Congress:

Refusing to pass a viable jobs act until Republicans are in the White House and control Congress amounts to extortion of the American people. Unemployment rates remain high, and nearly half of jobless Americans are suffering the financial consequences of long-term unemployment. This has a negative impact on the lives of Americans, as well as the economy of this country.

It’s time to reach across the aisle and enact meaningful legislation to put Americans back to work. Joblessness is not a partisan issue, and making it such shows a wilful and wanton lack of concern for the wellbeing of the people that elected you to represent them.

The time to act is now. Americans need to get back to work to avoid further economic calamity. Join in bipartisan support for President Obama’s American Jobs Act.


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  1. Cara Ehrlich says:

    More political game playing – at the expense of the American people.

  2. angela rabon says:

    What needs to happen during the 2012 election…we need to vote for all new people running for office…DO NOT VOTE FOR ANY INCUMBENTS. That will show them because the ones looking for a job will be the congressmen and senators. I think about, if that did happen, it could not be any worse than what we have in office now. These politicians are making a mockery of the government they serve on our behalf. They are an embarrassment and if any one of them had half a brain, they would recognize it and know that is not what they were elected to office to do. The fact is they do not care…they do not care if we suffer without jobs or food or housing. This is a game to them…a power play. The problem is that they do not have to suffer along with us. If they had to live like we do for one month, they could not make it. They would not last one week. But they play this game with our lives, our children’s lives…and it makes me so ANGRY!!!! These elected officials are in office to get what they can get for themselves…and they are elected for as long as WE LET THEM KEEP THEIR JOBS. DO THEY DESERVE THOSE JOBS? YOU DECIDE AND ANSWER AT THE POLLS IN 2012. My personal opinion is NO, THEY DO NOT DESERVE IT…They are disgraceful and they have proven that with their own behavior!!!

    • Thank you for your clear and to the point analysis of of our US CONGRESS. I am a disabled veteran. It bothers me that I fought for this country’s freedom and these Representatives are working to make our government be against the average guy. We are not looking for a Bail Out or someone to buy our Toxic Assetts. All we want is a fair stake in the National Product. Why should the top 1% have most of the money?

  3. homecomfort says:

    looks like obama is trying to do the right things for middle class americans, but republicons are very adept at spinning those efforts into negatives while he is president, and conning less informed, selfish fools to believe right wing tyranny.

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