Forgive Student Loan Debt

Target: Mick Zais, Deputy Secretary of the Department of Education

Goal: Create policy to forgive more student loans.

Ninety-nine percent of applications for student loan forgiveness get denied, and when you have forty-four million people with student loan debt, that is a serious problem. Student loan debt is one of the biggest threats facing our economy currently, as we have over $1 trillion owed by over forty-four million students who statistically can’t afford to pay their loans back. Student loan debts are harsh and unforgiving, leaving people with little to no money after payments. Not even bankruptcy can save you from student loans. What happens when you apply for forgiveness on your loan and you are denied? Well, you have to keep paying, of course.

Forcing people to pay loans they can’t afford and can’t succeed without is entrapment and needs to be regulated. People everywhere agree students shouldn’t have to go into debt just to receive an education. This system needs regulation and student loans need to be forgiven, so stand with us in demanding both of those from the Department of Education. We demand policies to forgive student loan debt.


Dear Mr. Zais,

Student loan debt is one of the biggest crises facing our generation today, and there is no reason that 99% of loan forgiveness applications should be denied. We need policy enacted to forgive student loans and allow students to rebuild their lives in order to feed back into the economy in their own way.

The Department of Education has the responsibility to ensure children get an education and use that education for the bettering of society. What purpose does impeding students from using their education serve? We need the leaders to be willing to enact change to help our students when they need it the most. Stand with us in leading the fight for student loan forgiveness.


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  1. gen agustsson says:

    debt is slavery! we need free colleges!

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