Independently Investigate Interior Secretary for Conflict of Interest

Goal: Jeffrey Sessions, Attorney General of the United States

Target: Hire independent watchdog agency to investigate malpractice in the Department of the Interior by Secretary Zinke.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has been under investigation for conflict of interest violations for several months now, and it appears that he has just fired the lead investigator pursuing his case. Mary Kendall is the current Interior Department Inspector General and was actively investigating Zinke when she was abruptly fired, without her knowledge. Her office stated that they received no communication about a change in leadership and found out through a press release by Housing and Urban Development head Ben Carson.

What’s obvious is that Ryan Zinke is covering up his scandals by firing those with too much information about them. We need to stop this obstruction of justice immediately. The only way this is possible is by commissioning the Justice Department to hire an independent watchdog agency to investigate these crimes and remove Secretary Zinke accordingly. We need justice to be upheld in our legal system, and people like Zinke keep making that process impossible. Stand with us in demanding that the Justice Department do something about this obscene corruption cover-up.


Dear Mr. Sessions,

We need the Justice Department to stand on the side of justice and declare the action of Ryan Zinke irreparable. You should not be allowed to be under investigation for malpractice then fire the very investigators leading your case. Ryan Zinke should not be able to fire the lead Inspector General so easily. We need accountability throughout this legal system, and the Justice Department can help fix that.

Hire an independent watchdog agency to investigate the scandals of Zinke and punish him accordingly. We can’t have leaders who violate the public trust so openly and still hold such power. Stand with the public and guide our outcries into the swift motion of justice.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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    we need help!

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