Protect Newly Discovered & Critically Endangered Hummingbird

Target: Richard Martínez, Minister of the Environment, Ecuador

Goal: Protect newly discovered hummingbird from extinction.

A rare hummingbird just discovered last year may already be facing extinction. The blue-throated Hillstar was only discovered in the Andes of Ecuador in 2017. Already, fewer than 500 survive. Something must be done to protect them.

Fires, gazing, and gold mining in the Andes threaten the species. While human activity remains the birds’ biggest threat, its specialized habitat, only 100 square kilometers, also puts it at risk. Special adaptions help the bird survive the cold, but global warming may also impact their population.

For a newly discovered species to already face extinction is tragic. Sign the petition to demand that action be taken to protect the blue-throated Hillstar from a rapid demise.


Dear Minister Martínez,

Only one year ago, researchers found a rare, never-before-seen species. Identified as the blue-throated Hillstar, this hummingbird species already faces an untimely extinction. Only 500 birds remain in their tiny habitat of the Ecuadorian Andes.

Human activities like mining and grazing, as well as fires and other catastrophes, have robbed the bird of its home and depleted its population. I demand you take action now to protect the blue-throated Hillstar before this newly discovered species goes missing forever.


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Photo Credit: James St. John



  1. Each and every species needs to be protected! This is vital to the health of the earth!

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