Save Remaining Orcas From Toxic Chemical Pollution

Target: Mohammed Oglah Hussein Khashashneh, President of the International Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants

Goal: Protect orcas from extinction due to persistent toxic pollution in the world’s oceans.

Killer whales remain at risk of extinction decades after poisonous chemicals known as PCBs were banned in most countries. This is because these substances are still leaking into the seas, where they become concentrated in the food chain and threaten apex predators like these cetaceans. Demand that more be done to save these animals, who have become among the most contaminated creatures on the planet as the result of this persistent pollution.

PCB concentrations have been found in some orca carcasses at 100 times what is considered the safe level. This is believed to severely damage their reproductive systems, cause cancer and harm their immune systems, leaving them vulnerable to disease. New research suggests that unless industrialized nations do more to clean up their chemical waste, over half of all remaining killer whales could vanish over the next 30 to 50 years.

Orca whales are intelligent, majestic creatures who deserve our help. We cannot allow entire pods to disappear simply because cleanup efforts are considered to be too costly or unimportant. Sign this petition to help prevent this species from going extinct due to lethal levels of pollution.


Dear President Khashashneh,

Orca whales are increasingly unable to reproduce and are succumbing to a variety of diseases due to the effects of chronic PCB exposure. If this frightening trend continues, it is very likely that at least half of all remaining killer whales could disappear over the next 30 to 50 years. While PCBs have been nearly universally banned, their toxic legacy lingers, and industrialized countries are not doing enough to ensure that chemical waste is cleaned up effectively.

We cannot allow orcas to be poisoned to death due to the many thousands of tons of PCBs that are estimated to be in ocean waters, or still leaking into the sea from lakes and rivers. It is your convention’s duty to hold countries responsible for the cleanup of persistent organic pollutants, including PCBs. Please make sure that the world’s leaders are held accountable and that action is taken to prevent the tragic loss of this species from occurring.


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Photo Credit: Christopher Michel



  1. Our oceans and rivers are not dumping grounds for trash and chemicals! It is home to many species! Don’t pollute!

  2. Please help these wonderful creatures- there must be a meeting between ALL civilised country’s Heads to make an International Law to protect sea life by NOTdumping in the oceans

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