Protect Atlantic Ocean From Hurricane Waste Pollution

Target: Roy Cooper, Governor of North Carolina

Goal: Stop polluted rivers from leaking into the Atlantic Ocean.

Heavily polluted North Carolina rivers and streams are flowing into the Atlantic Ocean, turning the state’s coast into a contaminated wasteland. Portions of the ocean are turning varied shades of dark blue, brown, green, and yellow as decaying leaves, bark, roots, and other organic matter slowly dissolve and spread across the water.

Like the pig waste contamination crisis that developed from Hurricane Florence’s overflow, this is dangerous for all manner of living beings. The bacteria and chemicals carried by the decaying matter can lead to illness and death in many species of aquatic wildlife. And while the water used by humans is filtered, pollution and debris can easily slip through those filters, especially if it has decayed enough to no longer be seen by the naked eye. This is not a safe situation for any living being.

While the flooding of some rivers is slowing and only small portions of the Atlantic Ocean are showing signs of contamination so far, the problem will become much worse if action is not taken immediately. Sign this petition to ensure that these polluted rivers are cleaned and kept from flowing into the ocean.


Dear Governor Cooper,

North Carolina’s coast has become a contaminated nightmare as rivers polluted from Hurricane Florence flow into the Atlantic Ocean. Decaying leaves, bark, roots, and other organic matter are dissolving into the water, endangering sea life as well as humans; decaying organic matter is rife with disease and bacteria as well as certain chemicals. These chemicals and bacteria can sicken and kill wildlife, as well as slip through filtering systems.

You must put a stop to this before it becomes a bigger problem. So far only portions of the coast are becoming contaminated, and some of the rivers have calmed down, but water pollution is a very slippery slope. You must arrange for these rivers and streams to be cleaned up, and to protect the Atlantic Ocean from further contamination as soon as possible.


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Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis


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  1. gen agustsson says:

    save our oceans!

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