Do Not Punish Woman for Rescuing Pets Stranded by Hurricane Florence

Target: Joseph Sauls, Animal Services Manager for Wayne County, North Carolina

Goal: Do not punish manager of a non-profit group who took in over two dozen stranded pets in the wake of Hurricane Florence.

A North Carolina woman in the process of converting a warehouse space into an animal shelter may face charges for taking in nearly thirty pets stranded by Hurricane Florence without first acquiring a license. Sensing an urgent need with the storm fast approaching, Tammi Hedges decided to act out of compassion and open the warehouse to these desperate animals who may have otherwise drowned.

Most of the animals Hedges received were from a single elderly couple who were trying to evacuate ahead of the storm but who had no way to accommodate their 18 pets. She received donations from fellow concerned North Carolinians and was able to safely crate, shelter and feed over two dozen animals in total in the security of her warehouse, which is intended to be a future animal shelter location.

Because of Hedges’ quick-thinking and selfless action, 27 dogs and cats were given a safe place to stay during this deadly storm that has killed millions of animals along the East Coast in the United States. Sign this petition to urge Wayne County officials not to press charges against Hedges or her non-profit organization.


Dear Mr. Sauls,

Tammi Hedges, the operator of the Crazy’s Claws n Paws non-profit organization, should not face charges for sheltering over two dozen animals inside a warehouse space that she is converting into a full-time animal shelter. While Hedges did not have the licensing usually required to take in stranded pets, her actions likely saved these animals from becoming lost or drowning, and she should therefore be given a pass as a Good Samaritan.

All of the animals under Hedges’ care were well treated, thanks to the many volunteers she was able to enlist ahead of the storm’s approach. While it is important that shelter organizers meet all necessary licensing and registration requirements, we feel that exceptions should be made during times of emergency such as this. Please excuse Hedges from any charges related to her actions and ensure that she is not punished for saving the lives of these over two dozen cats and dogs.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Dmitri Svetsikas



  1. Tammi Hedges is a fabulous hero.
    Wayne County staff must be brainless,moronic animal hating POS. What is wrong with you dumb arse morons.Tammi hedges saved the lives 27 dogs and cats who otherwise would have drowned to death.Tammi deserves a medal for her fabulous act of bravery.


  3. She deserves a medal! Tammi Hedges is a good and evolved person – unlike the staff at Wayne County.

  4. Margaret Melnick says:

    Tammi Hedges, the operator of the Crazy’s Claws n Paws non-profit organization deserves a medal. Who the hell would stop to get a license with a hurricane approaching. Anyone who in the time of an emergency helps stranded animals regardless how many as long as they are able to care of them until the disaster is over deserves to be recognized as a hero not a criminal. Do something useful go after those who left their pets chained or confined to a house to drown. They are the ones you should be after not someone helping the animals.

  5. Helen Drinoczky says:

    This kind woman should be praised for her act not punished.
    She saved the lives of animals, family pets that would have suffered and died otherwise.
    She took good care of them.
    She took the time to save them instead of getting herself to safety.
    Bless her.

  6. Tammi Hedges did a wonderful, heartfelt thing. We need more people like her. If Wayne County prosecutes her for a selfless act of kindness, then I will lose all faith in the good of man.

  7. “In a statement, Wayne County said animal control officers had ‘serious concern regarding the practice of veterinary medicine without a license and the presence of controlled substances.”

    This is why she was arrested!!!

    Why was she giving the animals TRAMADOL & AMOXICILLIN???

    i don’t like it when i’m asked to sign a petition without all the facts!!!

    i would like my signature to be removed, please!

    • Here are some facts, m’am. Some of the animals were hurt and in pain. Tramadol is a pain med; Amoxicillin is an antibiotic for infections; I’ve given both to my own dogs & cats. In a hurricane, animals get hurt. The rescuer was administering short-term emergency medication. I would’ve done the same thing out of compassion, vet licence be damned; in fact, many pet guardians would be arrested on those charges since most of us administer some form of veterinary care daily.

      You have obviously never been in a hurricane such as Florence, so it’s easy to be indignant from the dry comfort of your divan. Even with some facts, I doubt that it will calm your puerile self-important hysteria.

      • The lady deserves an award for her compassion and care for animals. She is a caring person who helped animals in need – what is not to understand???

    • It’s up to YOU to do more research if you don’t have enough information to make a decision on an issue.

      Sounds to me as if you’re not bright enough to be signing anything.

  8. This is the kind of official overreach that makes good people think twice about helping animals. Where were all the vets during the emergency? How nice they took to their fancy second homes elsewhere and turned their backs on the people on whose backs they were enriched. This is a non-profit rescue who was trying to do a good thing and was punished for it.

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