Estranged Wife Accused of Burning Dog While Husband Served in Iraq Must be Punished

Target: Pamela Bondi, Attorney General of Florida

Goal: Justice for the dog reported burned in an arson incident.

A dog was allegedly left inside of a house a woman set on fire. The woman reportedly involved has already been arrested for allegedly setting her home on fire but has yet to face the consequences for allegedly leaving her dog behind to die in the fire. According to authorities, the dog, Denali, suffered severe burns and almost died due to the extent of her injuries. The woman’s husband, who is currently serving in Iraq, said he believes his wife set fire to the house and poured accelerant on Denali because she is his favorite dog out of the seven they had.

The veterinarians that are currently caring for Denali said she experiences “good days and bad days.” Denali is still suffering greatly from the burns and is in extreme pain. The woman who allegedly left Denali in the house to die deserves to be punished. Sign this petition and demand she receive a maximum sentence if convicted.


Dear Attorney General Bondi,

A dog was reportedly left to die in a house that was on fire. The woman allegedly responsible for the arson was aware of the dog being in the house, yet still reportedly set fire to it, possibly in an attempt to make her husband suffer. The dog sustained severe burns and is currently in an immense amount of pain.

This disgusting case of reported animal cruelty cannot go unpunished. We demand the woman allegedly responsible for this arson also be charged with animal cruelty and that you seek the maximum sentence in this case.


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  1. Never let this freak near an animal again, and put her name out there (like Lorena Bobbitt) so that no man will go near her again knowing that she’s a vindictive unpredictable psycho.

  2. An eye for an eye!
    Let’s start collecting the wood for the bonfire…
    Who wants to light the fire?
    Burn Bitch Burn and NOW!!!

  3. This abuser needs to pay her dues for burning this innocent dog. This abused dog deserves JUSTICE. The husband needs to have her “PUT DOWN”, she is obviously a very sick POS. Prayers for this sweet innocent dog for a speedy and full recovery. May his abuser never be allowed to be in possession of an animal. I sure hope there are no children.

  4. Rotten bitch. Hope that in her lifetime she will get the same!

  5. Evil stupid woman should’ve just offed herself after placing the dog in a new home with sane people.

  6. Darlene Dieno says:

    There is some awful crazy inhumane jerks out there and I guess she is one. I hope she can get the max punishment.

  7. Stephanie Geyser says:

    No doubt she will plead insanity or some other hogwash argument, thinking that the judge will be stupid enough to believe her fake stories. No wonder her war-hero husband is estranged from this bit of filth. I wouldn’t want to be associated with her either. I hope the injured dog survives, and that justice is served.

  8. No excuse for this. NONE PERIOD.

  9. Fry this psycho bitch!

  10. I pray innocent, vulnerable Denali the DOG makes it — as for the Woman-MONSTER : What a PSYCHO — throw the IDIOT into a rubber room — this SICKO will repeat her sadistic brutality unless we STOP her — We NEVER want repeats of such crimes — this depraved IMBECILE is a DANGER to society.

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