Don’t Allow the Mass Killing of Majestic and Endangered Cougars

Target: Curt Melcher, Director of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Goal: Don’t kill more mountain lions in the state of Oregon in response to a rare fatal attack on a human hiker.

Mountain lions may soon be targeted for extermination in the state of Oregon following a rare attack on a female hiker in Mount Hood National Forest. As mountain lion populations recover following decades of persecution and cities around their habitats continue to expand, meaningful solutions must be made to reduce conflict while allowing these cats to thrive in the wild.

Hundreds of mountain lions are already dying each year due to encounters with humans or livestock. Yet despite this fact, hunting organizations are pushing Oregon officials to loosen existing restrictions, such as those prohibiting the use of hounds to track down and corner the cats, so that they can kill even more of these majestic wild creatures.

People must be educated in how to live alongside mountain lions safely, and what precautions they can take when entering cougar territory. We should not allow a single tragic incident to potentially eradicate these cats who play such a vital role as apex predators in the Pacific Northwest ecosystem. Sign this petition to tell the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife that cougars have their place in the wild and must be protected.


Dear Director Melcher,

I am writing to urge you not to loosen existing hunting restrictions on mountain lions following a tragic attack on a hiker in Mount Hood National Forest. Allowing hunters to use hounds or to take down more of these majestic creatures will not serve any form of justice and could instead result in destabilizing Oregon’s natural ecosystem. There are more humane ways of allowing people and wild cats to coexist, including public education to prevent attacks and relocating animals who venture into populated areas.

Please consider the scientific data that shows how rare attacks on humans are and listen to the many environmental experts who have pointed out time and again that hunting does not solve this serious problem. There are ways to ensure the safety and well-being of both people and wildlife in Oregon without resorting to lethal means.


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Photo Credit: Oregon State University



  1. Mountain lions and other animals were here before man. We are invading their homes and destroying much of their habitat. Our precious wildlife should be valued and protected, and we need to provide more habitat for them to live.

    • I agree with you. Why when a human gets hurt or killed when in the animal’s habitat some people’s first reaction is to kill the animal. Where are animals suppose to be safe anymore. Kill off the humans and the earth would be a much safer place for other animals.

  2. People need to respect the habitat of animals on this earth…it’s their planet as well. The hiker needs to use the brain that God gave him to know where he should be and respect the territory of animals whose paths they should not cross.


  4. Maria Bertrand says:

    This is like saying since one Italian murdered someone, ALL Italians should be charged. Leave animals their space to roam free like God intended. It is tragic what happened but animals were put on this earth by GOD and we should respect their space…it is their GOD given right. Do not slaughter ever….THIS IS ALWAYS AN EVIL RESPONSE!!

  5. Signed & Shared ❗️😢

  6. Sandy Nichols says:

    Why would anyone go hiking or walking up in cougar territory? All of these people, who have lived in areas where there are cougar’s around,know that these Big cats are there,it’s not some big surprise. So why would a woman, go for a hike by herself, w/out any kind of protection, like a big dog, bear spray, a baseball bat, a walking stick or a gun? In some cases, it like people are just asking for trouble.
    I’m sorry that this poor woman was killed by this cat, but she was in his territory. Before anyone goes up in the hills, in cougar country, it should be mandatory that they attend a couple of classes, on how to equip yourself to stay safe and not to travel by yourself. It seems that there’s a lot of stupid people living to close to wildlife and basically putting the animal’s in danger. It’s a shame, that this poor cougar, might be destroyed, because of someone’s stupidity.

  7. That lone hiker should have been warned by the locals that there are dangerous animals around… or there should be big signs warning against hiking alone… if she did so anyway – ignoring the warnings then why retaliate against ALL cougars?? That’s just silly and a knee-jerk reaction, without ANY thinking involved. Stricter hiking laws need to be introduced!

  8. Now you all hikers must leave the wild life homes alone–hike in groups with protection–if a mountain lion comes in your home–you would kill it right–or want to–SO RESPECT THE HOMES OF ALL WILD LIFE–SORRY FOR THE POOR WOMAN–NO ONE KNOWS HER STORY–BUT SHE IS PAYING FOR THE MURDERERS OF MOUNTAIN LIONS–WHO KNOWS WHAT MEMORIES THIS LION HAS ABOUT HUMANS.

  9. Denise Devereux says:

    Here we go again the only solution Humans can come up with is KILL, KILL, KILL. What do you expect from the EVIL human race. Humans are constantly killing one another off unlike animals for the most part that only kill for food, fear or self defence.
    There are signs warning of danger and she took no notice. Sadly, her decision and her fault. This is this animals habitat. People are so selfish and irresponsible. EDUCATE, CLEAR SIGNAGE, RESTRICT HIKERS FROM THESE AREAS.
    Humans are only one species on this planet and other species have the right to live. Respect for all God’s creatures – Great and Small!
    Humans keep taking more and more land from animals. Where are they to go.
    God’s Wraith on you if this cull takes place.

  10. We MUST learn to live with each other — you CANNOT blame the big cats for behaving like big cats AND living their lives in their natural habitats — they have every RIGHT to this — it is US — we MUST learn how, when, where, to live with these beautiful majestic animals — DO NOT KILL THEM — we do NOT have this right — it is cruel, unconscionable, immoral, depravedly indifferent to murder these animals — we MUST LET THEM LIVE.

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