Don’t Euthanize Displaced Pets From Hurricane Sandy

Target: The ASPCA

Goal: Prevent the euthanasia of displaced Hurricane Sandy pets and find them alternative shelters.

An animal shelter in Brooklyn, New York opened in November 2012, and originally housed over 280 pets from devastated areas affected by Hurricane Sandy. The shelter was planning to close in December, but the remaining high volume of displaced pets prompted the ASPCA to stay open. Unfortunately, their next closing deadline is looming and there are still a high number of unclaimed pets.

The future of the 136 displaced pets in the shelter is unclear. Some could be sent to other shelters where their owners may not be able to find them, or they could face the possibility of being euthanized. There are many families that have claimed their pets, but live in temporary housings that prevents them from bringing their pets home. These families are depending on the ASPCA to care for their pets while they get through a very difficult time.

The euthanizing of once beloved pets is not something Hurricane Sandy victims should have to face, and further displacing these animals to unknown shelters would only complicate reuniting a pet with their owner even more.

These animals are victims of the hurricane just as much as the humans are, and they have had a hard time since the devastation occurred. Euthanizing them would be cruel and unfair. These poor pets were once a part of someone’s home and now they are living enclosed in shelters without the comfort and love of their families. Unfortunately all pets may not be claimed, but we can work to find them new homes and avoid euthanasia.



The shelter housing displaced pets from Hurricane Sandy is facing closure soon and there are still 136 pets that remain unclaimed. While we appreciate you extending your first deadline because of a remaining high volume of animals, you shouldn’t close the shelter until all of the pets have somewhere to go. Euthanizing these pets that were once a big part of someone’s life is not the answer.

The ASPCA is a highly respected animal rights society, and euthanizing these animals would be unjust and against your society’s goals. By finding these pets other shelters or foster homes, you can help save the lives of animals that were once beloved family members.

It is understandable that the previous owners of these pets have faced many hard times in the past few months because of the hurricane. These pets are probably scared, confused and missing their families. Unfortunately, many families may not be in a position to take on the care of their pets again, but it is the job of the ASPCA to make sure these animals have a future again.

We urge you to please do everything in your power to avoid the euthanizing of these pets and find them other shelters or foster homes to stay in until they are claimed or find new homes.

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  1. ASPCA do not even help with the banning of the cruel NY horse drawn carriage industry… Dreadful charity… I do not trust this charity at all!

  2. An animal welfare organization (ASPCA) whose director earns.
    $510,464 a year……What! Far too much money, sounds as if the prat is only in it for the money not for the love of animals and should be ashamed.

    These animals would NOT be killed in the UK, they would be looked after by various rescue organisations.

    Those whose owners have claimed them and cannot look after them for now, for whatever reason, would be informed of where their pet was taken so they would know at all times that their beloved pet was safe and being taken care of until such time they could collect them.

    We are continually shocked at the number of so called shelters in the US that routinely kill domestic animals. They are a shame to their country and the people in it.

    We have organisations here, many of them small and large, that never, ever put a healthy dog to sleep. (Gas chambers have been banned in the UK for decades) Any animal that is suffering and beyond help due to injury or illness, is given an overdoes of morphine and gently falls asleep. No pain and no more suffering.

    Come on citizens of America you should be up in arms at how your animals are treated.

    A nation is judged on how it treats its animals.

  3. What I don’t understand that a lot of people are criticizing ASPCA . But instead of complaining and condem, do something yourself to contribute and adopt a pet! I would love to do that but I live in the netherlands, so I don’t know of it’s possible..?

  4. I work at the ASPCA and we will be working very hard to find the best possible placement options for animals who have not been claimed at the Emergency Boarding Facility. Euthanasia of animals simply because they may go unclaimed has never been a consideration. Pet parents are continuing to come to our facility to reclaim their pets, and placement for unclaimed pets will include both fostering and permanent placement in loving homes. – Olivia, ASPCA Social Media Manager

  5. How can an organization that was created for the purpose of helping and protecting animals do the unconscionable to animals waiting for their families? How can the ASPCA do the immoral and cruel act to any animal who wants to be cared for and loved by a human guardian? After all, what is the purpose of organizations like the ASPCA? What’s more, the ASPCA has hundreds of millions of dollars (no exaggeration) in their till (who do they think they are-a bank?) collected from members who believe that the ASPCA cares for animals, protects animals and looks for adoptive homes for animals. The ASPCA SHOULD hold these animals, keep them comfortable and happy until they are returned to their original families or until they are adopted out to new families/guardians. The ASPCA is financially able to do this for the animals a million times over! What’s their problem? What’s eating them? Who’s the warped killer who wants these animals dead? Who do you think you are? Whoever decided to make it an option to kill these animals instead of helping them to live, does NOT belong in an organization for the PROTECTION OF ANIMALS. I say to you — CHANGE YOUR WAYS OR GET THE HELL OUT! The members who pay your salary want you OUT unless you change your mind and heart — stop the killing and get a pro-life philosophy and commit to it 100%. If you want these animals dead, you are their ENEMY in addition to being a murderer and a criminal.

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