Stop Trophy Hunters From Slaughtering Giraffes

Target: Cyril Ramaphosa, President of South Africa

Goal: Do not allow trophy hunters to threaten wild giraffes with extinction.

Worldwide outrage has erupted after photos showing an American trophy hunter posing with the body of an elderly male giraffe recently went viral. The senseless slaughter of this gentle giant is just one instance of many where trophy hunters have been granted permission to target these creatures, even though conservationists warn that there are now less than 100,000 giraffes remaining worldwide. We must use the attention drawn by this story to call for an immediate end to all giraffe trophy hunting in South Africa.

The American trophy hunter, 37-year-old Tess Thompson Talley from Kentucky, originally posted the photographs of her standing next to the slain giraffe on her Twitter page last year. Recently, they were discovered and retweeted by AfricaDigest, which gave the troubling images widespread attention and prompted a number of public figures to condemn Talley for bragging about killing this magnificent, innocent creature.

Despite this widespread outcry, it remains legal to hunt giraffes in South African game parks as long as prepaid arrangements with park officials are made. Yet with their dwindling numbers, it is very possible that trophy hunting could threaten this iconic species with extinction. Sign the petition below to put an end to the pay-to-hunt practice of giraffe hunting in South Africa before it is too late.


Dear President Ramaphosa,

The practice of allowing foreign hunters to pay large sums of money for the ‘privilege’ of killing giraffes must be brought to an end. Despite claims that such hunts help fund conservation efforts, the number of wild giraffes continues to plummet at a disturbing rate. The industry that has developed to support the demand for trophy hunting is putting these animals at risk of extinction, and must be stopped before it is too late.

I urge you to stop issuing hunting permits to wealthy trophy hunters who are more interested in selfishly killing these innocent creatures than saving them from extinction. Please ensure that all giraffes are protected and act swiftly to stop this barbaric and senseless slaughter.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Tess Thompson Talley

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  1. Lisa Allred says:

    Hope this bitch rots in hell❗️😠
    Signed & Shared 😡🤬

    • G L Sanchez-Levine says:

      I agree with you Lisa! If she was pointing to God in thanks…hey you stupid piece of trash(Tess Thompson Talley from Kentucky),don’t you you realize that beautiful giraffe is one of God’s creature!! What am idiot! You will be punished when you die! You can’t hurt one of God’s creature and not suffer yourself…trophy hunting is sick, and cowardly. Why don’t you shoot at someone who will shoot back, CHICKEN! hope you read all these comments and they make you think twice!!

    • 👍👍👍Agreed!Stupid people trying to get fame by behaving like monsters.

    • Indeed! If people want to trophy hunt, why don’t they set up a game park where they can kill each other? We would not have to put up with them on the planet. Senseless idiots!!

  2. Agree all comments shoot that bitch

  3. The SIK☠️ BUNCH from Animal AMIGOS this is Furthur more comments to you Asses who believe all ok to Kill Girraffs Elephants !!! Attn🔴☠️ PRI–KS killer PRI-KS TIM KEVIN STU TRaVIS James Randy RICK who K☠️LL YOU L🌎🌎SERS are going to loose this !!!!!! you Asses need to be Slaughtered .You Asses Shoujld be taken out by Mafia along with the Bit–H in this photo all of You should be HUNG /DECAPITATED best so can put there ☠️ On a Wild life santuarty POST .Your going to loose Sick Asses All of you pro life Wildlife these Asses I mentioned are on AAmigios pro killing

  4. Susan Fong says:

    Trophy hunting is sick, cowardly, and unconscionable. It only exists to inflate the ego of the so-called hunter who shoots from long range with a high-powered weapon. The animals have no chance. Our wildlife should be respected and protected not killed to hang on someone’s wall.

  5. Catherine Dugan says:

    Hunting should be illegal! The practice of paying a large sum of money, to shoot a beautiful animal should be outlawed! Stop issuing hunting permits to these bastards!
    Stop this senseless killing and leave the animals alone!

  6. gen agustsson says:

    villains need to go away!

  7. 👍👍👍Agreed!Stupid people trying to get fame by behaving like monsters.

  8. I hope a wild animal hunts you down some day and you get what you deserve. Shooting and killing such a magnificent animal such as this is cowardly. Why don’t you make it an even playing field? Animals have no protection against someone with a high-powered rifle and scope. You’re nothing but human garbage.

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