Arrest Farmer Accused of Beating Cows With Metal Pipe

Target:Superintendent Russell Le Prou, District Commander of Northland Police, New Zealand

Goal: Arrest farm employee accused of beating cows on their heads and legs using a metal pipe.

A sharemilker working on a New Zealand dairy farm that has previously been the subject of animal welfare complaints has been accused of hitting numerous cows with a heavy steel pipe. Shocking hidden camera footage appears to show the man viciously beating the animals in a crowded milkshed. Demand justice for these cows.

While alkathene pipes like the one the sharemilker allegedly used are often used in the dairy industry to prod cattle and move them along, the footage taken in the milking shed seems to show the man wielding the pipe with intent to harm the defenseless cows in his care. Additionally, photos taken by animal welfare advocates appear to show cows with swollen and injured legs, possibly the result of the cruel beatings. When a reporter interviewed the sharemilker, he allegedly claimed that he had been only “kind and firm” in his treatment of the cows.

Using metal pipes to strike cows is neither a kind nor effective method of handling cattle. If this man is found to be responsible for harming these animals, he must be brought to justice for his cruel and inappropriate actions. Sign below to demand that this man be arrested for allegedly striking these innocent cows.


Dear Commander Le Prou,

Newsroom reporters and animal welfare advocates investigating a controversial Northland dairy farm have uncovered what appears to be a shocking case of cruelty involving cows who were allegedly struck by an unnamed farmhand. While the employee vehemently denies these allegations, hidden camera footage appears to show him using a heavy steel pipe to hit the cows repeatedly on their legs and heads. We demand justice for these innocent animals.

Investigators on the scene have taken photographs that appear to show cows with injured and swollen legs, which may have been the result of these alleged beatings. Additionally, two other employees on the farm anonymously spoke with reporters and claimed to have witnessed the man beating the cows. Given the existing evidence, we demand that you ensure the sharemilker is brought to justice and punished severely if found guilty of this appalling case of alleged abuse.


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  1. Pat.Parran says:

    Dairy cows are very gentle and friendly animals. A sick monster who would repeatedly beat innocent cows on the head and legs with a metal pipe. showing physical evidence of a severe beating–is a sadistic psychopath. Those cows suffered a great deal of physical and psychological pain. The abuser is a serious threat to ALL animals–both the non-human and human kind.
    Authorities. worldwide. need to take animal cruelty much more seriously. Most all serial killers or any serious psychopath has tortured defenseless animals. It is easy to be a cowardly bully–a reflection of the sick demented brains of many so-called humans. Without strictly enforced strong punishment for these crimes. New Zealand society will continue to breed cruel psychotic humans–not stable compassionate ones. The world is in big trouble with the soaring statistics of astoundingly barbaric animal abuse! The vicious farm employee belongs in prison for many years and never allowed to own/work with animals. It will take a long time to change his behavior–if at all possible. Cameras should be placed to monitor all locations where people work with farm animals..

    • So we’ll put!! This World HAS to change and nowadays we have no excuse for NOTE punishing these cruel monsters. I sign all the online petitions and have rescued animals o VER the heats. Each time I see or hear about animal cruelty it affects me. We also need to educate children from going are a to eliminate this behaviour. Bit I agree that punishment just be harsher.

  2. What the hell is wrong with these people who feel they have the right to brutally mistreat and abuse animals? Governments around the world need to have stricter laws to protect the innocent animals! Then… someone should use that pipe on this miserable human!

  3. Julie Bates says:

    If the new.zealand gov. Has any sense …..this man should surrender all rights to own a farm leave alone be around gentle dairy cows!!!
    This fucker must be heavily fined for his twice …perhaps even more offences and JAIL TIME …non negotiable!!!!! Perhaps he beats his poor wife and children too …for sure I think……how can anyone be sooooooo frustrated..?

  4. He should be forced to surrender his farm. He is a SOB!
    Hope that someone gives him the same treatment!

  5. Agree all comments hit these C**Ts with pipe.

  6. Melanie Johnson says:

    Since that we cut their lives short, the least we can do is give them a good or a great life.


  8. Ted Worthington says:

    New Zealand is shit-hole country inhabited with selfish, slimy, heartless, so-called “humans” going around destroying any life other than human. I hope the volcano tip these bastards live on will do the right thing and annihilate them. But the problem is that we don’t want the animals to die.

  9. MOTHERFUCKER! Don;t let me see you do that, asshole.

  10. There is too much abuse and torture inflicted on farm animals. Vegetables get treat better and handled gently

  11. This is exactly why CCTV should be mandatory in all animal industries.

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