Return Tigers to the Wild

Target: Jim Kurth, Director of United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Goal: Return U.S. tiger population to its natural habitat in the wilds of Asia.

Much of the world’s tiger population lives in backyards or captivity in the United States, rather than in the wild or in zoos. According to news reports, all but six percent of these animals live in breeding facilities, backyards, or apartments; in some states it is even easier to buy a pet tiger than it is to adopt a rescue dog.

This is not good for the tigers or the humans who keep them captive. According to conservationists, the captivity of tigers makes it harder to keep track of their numbers, as well as fueling the illegal trade of tiger parts that is still a major problem in certain parts of the world. Additionally, dozens of children have suffered brutal injuries from tigers kept as pets or found living in backyards; four even lost their lives, and authorities were forced to kill the tigers responsible.

The planet’s tiger population has been in dire straits for years now, with the species dangerously close to extinction at certain points. We need to aid the return of tigers to the wild or to the zoos where they can be kept safe. Sign this petition to remove tigers from captivity immediately.


Dear Director Kurth,

The United States has seen more tigers living in backyards or in captivity within the past year, causing problems for conservationists aiming to keep track of their numbers as well as leading to children in homes containing the animals being attacked or even killed. Four children lost their lives to tiger attacks, leading the authorities to put the animals down, and the captivity of the animals in general helps fuel the illegal tiger parts trade in certain parts of the world.

You must return these tigers to either the wild or to the zoos where they can be properly cared for. Apartments and backyards are no place for wild animals, especially ones that have been on the endangered list for years as tigers have been. Part of keeping the population safe is ensuring proper habitat. You must outlaw keeping tigers in captivity, and aid in the return of the surviving animals to their proper habitats.


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Photo Credit: William Warby

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  1. gen agustsson says:

    tigers need to go back to their own home.

  2. I’d be all for this but I can’t sign this petition. Captive-bred Tigers would not survive on their own in the wild. I would re-write this petition to say Tigers should be banned from private ownership and current Tigers in the USA sent to sanctuaries. Sorry.

    • Tigers in Zoos? Ah, NO! With the exception of only a handfull, have you seen the living conditions in many of the USA’s zoos? Horrible! The term Zoos also include, by the way, those roadside zoos and traveling zoos where many of the tigers and other sad animals currently wallow in filth, starvation and no quality of life. Sanctuaries are the people dedicated to proper care and welfare of exotic animals. They are non-profit and unlike zoos are not making money of their animals like zoos do.

    • Denine Mishoe says:

      Also Zoos, with the exception of just a few, are a nightmare for animals meant to be in the wild. Also, under the USDA law, roadside and traveling zoos are also classified as the same as mainstream zoos… meaning if this petition was accepted, the animals in these zoos wouldn’t be saved. Sanctuaries are the best place possible for captive-bred exotic animals that can’t survive in the wild. These people are non-profit and honestly care about the well-being of the animals.

  3. Let them go back to their natural habitat. Any person who holds them “hostage” should be fined, just like the circus. They need their natural surroundings. They need their space.

  4. Carol Dibbens Carol Dibbens says:

    wild animals should never be allowed to be privately owned by anyone and kept in private homes or backyards This is cruelty and would not allowed here.They should be in the wild where they belong or if thats not possible then in sanctuaries not even zoos although we have to accept that at the moment It should be made illegal anywhere in the world like it is here to buy, capture and keep a wild animal Poor tigers so sad for them to live in these small areas

  5. I’ve never heard of such ridiculous cruelty that is insane ! Crazy to allow this , it should be a crime !

  6. Tigers Are NOT Pets! They Belong in the Wild and Free to Roam! No One Should Have the Right to Ever Own and Use a Tiger For Entertainment! However, if a Tiger is Already Owned or Being Use in A Circus They Should Be Sent to A Sanctuary to Live Out the Rest of Their Lives in Nature and Peacefully!

  7. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    As ever the law needs to be changed banning all wild animals from being kept in captivity in the USA. Until this happens nothing will change.

    Tigers are not native to North America and should not even be allowed to be transported around the world on aircraft, therefore blame the airlines as well. It’s high time someone stepped up and took resposibility….

  8. Rita McNany says:

    No private individual should own exotic pets. However, these animals could not survive in the wild as they were not raised in the wild naturally. Please place these innocent animals in sanctuaries where they can live in peace.

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