Justice for Dog Buried Alive in Hot Tar

Target: Om Prakash Singh, Director General of Uttar Pradesh Police, India

Goal: Find the workers responsible for pouring tar over a dog and paving over it.

In the middle of the night in the Uttar Pradesh province of India, construction workers from RP Infrastructure Limited decided to pave over a sleeping dog with hot tar. Instead of waking up the dog or chasing it off, they decided that it was too much work for them. Instead, the dogs’ legs were buried by the burning hot tar, and this poor dog slowly died in excruciating pain.

This complete disregard for life needs to be punished. These workers were lazy and let a poor innocent dog suffer because they didn’t want to wake it. This disgusting act of animal cruelty cannot continue. Sign the petition below to demand that the workers be found and prosecuted for their disgusting disregard for animal life.


Dear Mr. Singh,

As workers were paving a road in the middle of the night in Uttar Pradesh province, they paved over a sleeping dog’s legs and buried it alive in burning hot tar. The innocent dog howled in agonizing pain as locals watched the workers pave over the poor dog.

This act of animal cruelty should not be tolerated. These workers were too lazy to have any regard for this living animal, and they need to be punished. This dog had a horrifying death that could have been prevented if they did the right thing and moved the dog. It needs to be known that this disgusting act of animal abuse can never happen again. The police need to take action and prosecute the workers involved in this heinous crime. This dog deserves justice, and we demand that the workers involved be found and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.


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Photo Credit: NewsFlare/NewsCrunch1

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  1. Absolutely despicable act of cruelty, that the country for you

    • Gordy Featherston says:

      You only have to look at how they treat their women… rape, murder, burning, acid attacks…and it’s no surprise this scum of the earth treats a poor animal with such vile cruelty.



  3. Jaime Perez says:

    These disgusting, heartless monsters deserve the same treatment. Poor hot over them and leave them to their misery. I can’t even imagine the horrible pain and suffering that dog went through. Humans are reprehensible monsters!


  5. India is unbelievably cruel to its animals (except for a few Animal Support Groups who work against all odds to help these poor creatures) and does not even take legal action against the sub-humans who rape girls and teenagers there. Never would ever visit this disgusting country!
    Whenever possible, I do donate to”Animal Aid,Unlimited” in India, however, as they do WONDERFUL, caring work in rescuing street animals.

  6. India….Ghandi’s country!!!
    May these construction workers and their families lives be filled with utter misery and pain.
    Karma is a bitch!

  7. This is absolutely intolerable. These lazy, cruel monsters must be made to pay for their horrid behavior toward this innocent animal. There was no excuse for this and they have to be held accountable.

  8. Johnny K. says:

    Most people always look at me in a funny way when I say that I love dogs more than I even like human beings. Dogs love unconditionally whereas humans will smile to your face and then stick a knife in your back. Dogs will stay with you until the bitter end whereas humans will abandon you if or when the whim hits them. Most humans are nothing but self-centered mother-fuc.ers that only think of themselves and what they can get for themselves. They see dogs on the sides of roads that are hungry and thirsty and just drive on by without another thought of them. Then they scream and holler if they even perceive some slight that they think has been done to them. I think after the Creator created dogs, he should have stopped before he created human beings. Just my personal opinion.

  9. I fucking hate India!!! Dirty pieces of shit!! That whole country is filled with human garbage that needs to be disposed of. They live in their own filth and are some of the most vile creatures on earth. They should all be tarred over as they sleep

  10. These sub-human heartless morons should be severely punished for what they did to this poor helpless animal. For the senseless pain and suffering they needlessly caused this poor dog is inexcusable and unacceptable and they could have prevented this horrible tragedy and death.

  11. Dana Koop Dana Koop says:

    Third world scum!

    Today we are supposed to call them “Developing Countries” and keep in line with politically correct nonsense (controlling the way we speak controls the way we think and thus the way we live) but let’s be honest, they are third world shitholes and will always be so. The people that live in these places are cruel pieces of shit that are still in the stage of barbarism. The only reason they have modern infrastructure is because the British invaded them and built it for them.

    To believe third world countries are capable of taking care of animals is more absurd than believing they can take care of each other-which evidently they cannot.

    Fuck The Third World!

    • I agree ,they overbreed and dont care for the poor animals, uncivilised, Barbaric retards they deserve an earthquake or tsunami, clear these subhumans and start again with normal people who care for animal

  12. Agree all comments pour hot tar over that cunt justice now what’s wrong will counties.

  13. I hope the ones that did this fry in hell, filthy scum bastards!

  14. I wish this shithole of a country would just disappear from this earth, along with China. Nothing but monsters seem to live there…..

  15. This story is one of the worst cases of animal abuse I have every seen. I hope these guys rot in hell for eternity for their actions towards a defenseless dog. Down with India.

  16. so where is the proof that this dog was alive and howling … just media hype… the dog would move quickly if machinery was coming … no dog would let that happen even when they are asleep. Don’t think he was alive when this happened … proof needed before I believe this happened. probably untrue.

    • You’re totally correct, Kim…this is an absolutely poorly written fake story. And look at the six pages of raving mad people threatening murder and such when they haven’t taken the time to establish the truth. Apparently not a single one of them has ever worked around a paving machine…but I guess that dog was a much heavier sleeper than any of the multitude of dogs that have graced my household over the years. If only they would put that much anger to work to help real, live animals!

  17. Susan Budde says:

    They need to find whoever was involved in this (the perpetrator as well as anyone else on the crew who sat there and allowed it to happen) and put them all to death by way of hot tar! Filthy scumbags who live in a shithole of a country!

  18. Salma Hack-Suzé says:

    I wish and pray that these bastards sub-humans burn in Hell eternally 🔥🔥🔥

  19. Again – India! Just like China, Korea, Vietnam, etc.

    My buddies and I did a study – it appears that counties with male domination is much less compassionate.

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