Stop Russia’s Mass Slaughter of Stray Dogs for World Cup

Target: Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

Goal: Stop mass killing of stray dogs in Russia.

As many people prepare for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Russia is preparing for the event by killing stray dogs. This isn’t the first time Russia has done this. Back in 2014 when Sochi hosted the Winter Olympics, it was reported that 1,200 homeless dogs and cats were poisoned with darts.

Many animal advocates have suggested spaying and neutering animals and a long-term solution to the problem. For now, there needs to be more humane action taken to reduce the size of the stray animal population. For every dog that is captured or killed the person receives $8. This is not a game. These animals are living breathing creatures that feel pain. Russia needs to handle the situation better and should not allow these animals to be slaughtered.


Dear President Putin,

Killing dogs for the 2018 FIFA World Cup is inhumane and must be stopped. Sports minister Pavel Kolobkov has suggested that host cities create temporary animal housing for strays instead of slaughtering them. Although this is a temporary solution, it is better than the mass culling of these animals.

Long term, the animals on the streets need to be spayed and neutered to stop further killing and deaths of these street animals. This would bring down the number of strays that are on the streets and solve the problem. Instead, your country is killing the dogs by poisoned darts and feeding them poisoned food, which subjects the poor animals to slow and painful deaths. We demand that the Russian Government stop the inhumane culling of stray dogs and implement a program to spay and neuter animals on the street.


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  1. tania connor says:

    Im sure the football players from all the countries visiting russia to play the world cup would not be at all pleased to know that these poor beautiful innocent dogs where being slaughtered just because they were playing football in this nasty barbaric country . Please players . Speak out . Let russia know you do not support this or indeed want it or agree with it .. . Will the players and fifa please speak out directly to the goverment to end this immediatly .
    Please please do it .


  3. Anjum Chugtai says:

    Let all organisers, players, spectators, sponsors and all connected with each event bear the guilt and get aware that their money earned and entertainment viewed was responsible for the lives of these defenceless animals. Wasted for an image that stands shattered for this cruel, inhumane and brutal act. Shame on you, Russia! At least begin a sterilizing programme now to prove that you are qualified to hold such events in future!

  4. Russia needs to get with the program of the 21st century and show humanitarian efforts rather than paying people to kill stray dogs and cats. This is barbaric and I thought Russia would be more advanced than to do this kind of pitiful thing to such innocent and wonderful dogs and cats. No dog/cat should be killed where there is any suffering possible. To kill them with darts doesn’t guarantee they will die. But the problem isn’t all the strays it’s combating the problem by spay & neutering of these strays. Get the population down so this kind of “mass” killing isn’t necessary. What about programs like we have here, fosters and kennels so these animals have a chance to be adopted. I’m a strong advocate for dogs, cats and all animals. I can’t see or understand any kind of mass killing. I hope Russia’s president can step up and help by abandoning this killing of these innocent dogs/cats and become and advocate for these animals.


  6. because of the fucking football murdered / slaughtered the f …. Russians
    VALUABLE LIFE – animal life that has more value than all humans.
    these are goddamn mass murderers

  7. wendy burrows says:

    imagine you are born a dog, a cat, a bird or any animal.
    you have NO choice over how you are treated by your owners or humans in general.
    now imagine you are a street dog, fighting daily for a meal and survival against illness, disease and injury.
    now imagine these human scum are out to get you just because you exist. because some stupid human neglected to spay their female dog, consequently, you exist through no fault of your own.
    Now you are the hunted thanks to human ignorance and intolerance.
    you have done nothing to deserve this, but humans rule the world, and the human shame of so many unwanted domestic dogs is now your cross to bare, you must die because of stupid humans and their stupid greed.
    If only we could change the world to protect all living creatures, not just stupid useless oxygen thieving human scum, where a stupid game like football is more important than your precious life.
    to hell with football and to hell with Russia.

  8. This brutality needs no explanation — DO THE RIGHT THING BY BEAUTIFUL STRAY DOGS — let’s be rational, let’s be compassionate, let’s be moral — Russia : you are a modern, moral, respectable, rational, compassionate, merciful country — SHOW IT — DO RIGHT BY YOUR STRAY ANIMALS — Russia : you have the resources — you are a DEVELOPED country — implement a plan TO SAVE these animals — bring them into medical facilities to spay/neuter them, to inoculate with necessary medicines, to adopt them out into temporary and/or permanent situations — as long as adopters are caring & loving, these innocent & vulnerable animals will have a home! — Again, do NOT be depravedly indifferent to the torment and suffering of our fellow living beings — do NOT use draconian, cruel, unconscionable, sadistic methods! — SAVE THESE BEAUTIFUL DOGS!

  9. Saloperie fallait réagir avant bien avant pour empêcher ces horreurs ont fait la même chose en 2014 sotchy…

  10. N en ont même pas parler avant .pourtant on commence à massacrer depuis des mois et c’est est juste au moment de la coupe de foot qui on en.parle ..Les empoisonnent à la sarbanane ou boulettes en ont massacres des milliers ..Pour faire propre ..attention faut donner une bonne image de la Russie. Je boycotte le foot scandaleux ..En ont parlé ds télé matin du massacre des chiens cette semaine en France c est tout ..Comme la Chine. Rip petits loups. Ont agonise

  11. WHY I asked, are so many thousands still attenting the game?
    It’s a sad statement of enough caring, soccer seems more important to the visitors players, and the idiots that implemented such disgusting cruel program. I leave it there, for we have enough disgusting cruel assholes on this side of the world, enough to protest our own, too bad, they too cannot share a dose of poison with the pooches, they would learn how it feels, and how cruel some -supposedly- human beings can be.

  12. Catherine emerson says:

    Dear God, innocent animals die so that overpaid twats can kick a ball. The sooner humans leave this planet, the better.

  13. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Vladimir – We share this world with many other species, but having dominance does not give us the right to torture and/or murder any of them. These dogs have just as much right to be here as you and I do. So please, find a humane solution to the problem. Please!

  14. Agree all comments they need to be stopped cruel bastards whats wrong will laws.

  15. I agree this needs to be stopped now.
    Russia find some common sense and some hearts instead of swinging rocks.

  16. I’m curious why nobody tries to help the poor dogs at Aspca that’s murdered by thousands good care n dogs….

  17. Another dead-beat country run by calloused administrators.
    It is up to the younger generation to take the lead.
    If veterinarians could encouraged to donate some of their time to spay & neuter strays, with advocates to provide assistance.
    Are there any firms in Russia that contribute some money toward it?
    Thank you to all animal activists!

  18. What a backward and barbaric nation you truly are!!!! Taking lessons from your neanderthal Chinese neighbors are you? VILE AND DISGUSTING! CEASE AND DESIST IMMEDIATELY!!!!

  19. Yolanda Bernhard says:

    you are the hell – russia

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