Google: Stop Threatening Diversity in Tech

Target: Sundar Pichai, Google CEO

Goal: Urge Google to reconsider an employee proposal promoting diversity initiatives.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., recently denied an employee-backed investor proposal to expand diversity initiatives. The proposal targeted executives, attempting to hold management accountable by linking performance to certain metrics for diversity and inclusion. Employees spoke out at the meeting in support of the proposal, describing a toxic work environment for women and minorities, where harassment is seemingly commonplace and justice for the harassed is nonexistent.

Google’s self-reported demographic is currently 69% male and 56% white, with only two women on Alphabet, Inc.’s 11-member board. The rejection of the recent proposal is yet another blow to Google’s public image. Only last year a former Google employee was fired after writing and circulating a sexist memo which decried diversity policies and denied the existing of a wage gap (see previous ForceChange petitions here and here). Personal information of employees who expressed concern related to the memo was then leaked, opening up already vulnerable employees to an onslaught of harassment. This, from the company ranked at or near the top of best places to work across the globe.

It isn’t hard to imagine the struggles for minorities and women trying to make it in white-male-dominated world. It is even more prevalent when the discrimination is flagrant and public. Employees have spoken out against this toxic workplace environment and yet Google has openly denied the value of the proposed diversity measures. Sign the petition for Google’s CEO to reconsider this proposal and make their employees feel safe again.


Dear Mr. Pichai,

As a leading tech company, Google should strive to be a leader in other arenas. This includes supporting diversity initiatives that are severely lacking in your company culture. Google employees feel “unsafe and unable to do [their] work.” Google should support the investor/employee proposal relating executives’ pay to diversity and inclusion measures in order to protect and promote minorities in the workplace.

After the sexist rantings of a former Google employee and the leaking of employees’ concerns related to the memo, Google needs to demonstrate its commitment to diversity and employee retention. The only way to do that is to hold management and executives accountable for their leadership relating to the treatment of minority employees.

The success of your company is tied to the success of your employees, not just the bottom line. Don’t let outmoded ways of thinking hold Google back. Embrace diversity and support the proposed initiatives to link executive performance with employee inclusion and retention.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Goo16

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One Comment

  1. Piotr Grabowski says:

    Since when sex or skin color is included the list of competences? 😉 I think the humanity was supposed to grow over this kind of labeling. I won’t sign this petition because it is neo-racism in disguise. This petition is 100% stupid and forces the long-hated now, insane political correctness over sectors of a company about which the author of the petition probably know very little if anything. 😉

    Somehow I don’t see petitions demanding more white ppl and more men in mostly-women environments. 😉

    Get real. Focus on important matters.

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