Halt Mass Execution of Stray Dogs

Target: Yogi Adityanath, Chief Minister of Utar Pradesh, India

Goal: Immediately halt the mass execution of stray dogs that is taking place in India.

Hanged from tree branches, buried alive, bleeding to death amongst piles of garbage: these represent just a few of the horrific deaths endured by stray dogs in India. For the past few weeks, hundreds of dogs have been summarily executed in and around the district of Sitapur. Worse yet, these killings have been sanctioned and carried out by community members, with some hired executioners possibly even profiting from each killing.

The mass murder of these vulnerable animals is in part a response to the deaths of several local children. Although many experts believe the children may have passed away from the bites of wild animals like hyenas, some of the media reports potentially misidentified community strays as the culprits. As a result of likely false accusations, these dogs have, in essence, become sacrificial lambs for grieving communities.

Advocates for the animals have petitioned state officials to direct an immediate end to these senseless vigilante killings. Sign this petition to lend your voice to this rallying cry against injustice.


Dear Chief Minister Adityanath,

“Indiscriminate and inhuman killing”…

This is the serious charge that is taking place within your state. We urge you to take swift and immediate action.

Over 150 vulnerable stray dogs have lost their lives in the coldest, most brutal manners, from hangings to live burials. If district officials have taken any part in condoning these massacres or even participated in them, they have violated a court order that forbids such killings. Please ensure that officials are working within the spirit of the law and honoring their duty to protect all of the community’s living beings.

Stop the tragedies today.


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Photo Credit: Adam Cohn

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  1. Joanne Bradley says:

    Shame on India are you such a backward country that you resort to barbaric means to murder innocent animals, who did not ask to be born. The stray population is caused by ignorant people who do not neuter/ spay their pets then abandon them. Rather than brutally murdering these poor animals take responsibility and spay / neuter them, subsidise clinics and bring in dog licences to raise money and punish those who abandon their pets. If we all boycott goods made in India until this evil practice stops maybe then they will take notice.

    • I agree- Indians are barbaric towards pets, they need to learn the world is watching. God bless the dogs

  2. Is it even worth signing a petition. Can these depraved leaders even read- they are such a backward country.
    I would be soooo ashamed to live in a country that treats animals this way.
    We all sign endless petitions about the way you treat the animals in your country
    Shame on you India.

  3. Well, you’re an overpopulated third world nation, why not just decimate your human population instead. I’ll tell you what, I’d NEVER EVER visit this filthy nation!!!

  4. I agree 100% with Joanne Bradley. Learn to spay & neuter & you won’t have all these poor strays. Another ignorant, backward, sickening country!!

  5. Juliette says:

    Disgusting behavior by disgusting people! At least euthanize them in a humane way, they deserve mercy. SHAME ON YOU!!

  6. In a country riddled with unemployment, veterinarians could fill a segment. It may encourage compassion – but what can we really expect when females are treated with high disregard…

    We can do a small part in our corner of the world: Protest with posters and should what cruelties the Indian government allows.
    Boycott products made in India!

  7. Come to think, these poor creates are better off dead.

  8. Deborah Traczynski says:

    You are a selfish ignerent filthy country that treats God’s creatures in such a brutal way.Judge a Country on the way they treat there animals.

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