Don’t Destroy Beautiful National Park With Oil Fracking

Target: Brian Steed, Deputy Director, Policy and Programs, Bureau of Land Management

Goal: Abandon plans to lease over 4,200 acres of land near a national park to oil and natural gas companies.

A beautiful national park in Arizona may soon be facing dangerous destruction at the hands of fracking. President Donald Trump has proposed auctioning off 4,200 acres of natural land for oil and gas fracking. The very little untouched natural world our country has left should be protected, not destroyed.

This proposed 4,200 acres of land is adjacent to the Little Colorado River and Petrified Forest National Park. The river is home to valuable groundwater that could be polluted, as well as endangered fish. Human and animal life is in danger.

Action must be taken now to protect our country’s endangered species and the habitats they call home. Sign the petition to demand Trump’s proposal be abandoned.


Dear Mr. Steed,

About 4,200 acres of beautiful habitat in Arizona are for sale to the highest bidder. A lush river and beautiful petrified forest will be destroyed if fracking comes within miles of the Little Colorado River and Petrified Forest National Park.

Fracking has been proven to pollute drinking water, cause illnesses for both humans and animals, deplete natural landscapes, lead to long-term economic bust after short-term booms, and even cause explosions. Do not allow one of America’s rich national parks and invaluable natural landscapes to be destroyed.


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Photo Credit: Diego Delso

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  1. No more fracking! You are destroying the planet! It’s not worth it!

  2. Tina Shurtleff says:

    Trump is heavily invested in oil and gas. That’s what this is about l

  3. All about greed. This republican regime is destructive to our environment. All about $$$$ and power.

  4. The president needs a mental check all he thinks about is money and to hell with the people

  5. Kalina Prothero says:

    Fracking is Agenda 21 to drive people out of rural areas/areas of natural beauty to destroy water resources everywhere. The scumbags want people living in micro cities in Micro shit homes and they are depopulating humanity and want to have a tiny population of slaves they can parasite off of because globalists are lazy serial killing bastards. Animals are being slaughtered everywhere and people are being made sicker.

    The Evil Globalists are ruining water tables. They will be causing chronic illnesses as they poison the water to make everyone as sick as possible and cause cancer. These individuals are evil and mentally deranged lunatics. They are criminals who should be thrown in jail or given a lethal injection. They are evil, twisted perverted killers who want us all dead because they were bred to be evil psychopaths.

    They MUST not be allowed to get away with this and everyone must oppose everything they want to do to us all because globalists are criminals who are in abuse of office.

    Areas of natural beauty will be destroyed by evil psychopaths. Where there are trees and beautiful landscape; they will find excuses to cull those trees. Where there is water, they will poison it. Where there are forests they will come up with insane and stupid reasons for destroying forests so there is nothing left of America’s natural beauty.

    Leave the National Park as it is.

    Execute criminal Globalists who are behind the destruction of the USA and the rest of the world.

    Agenda 21 is unacceptable and it must be opposed. No Globalist scum should have the authority to destroy American lands. They are out of order and must be stopped in their tracks.

    Globalists have waged war on the USA, this is a disgrace and they must not be allowed to get away with the destruction and mass killings of Americans through causing cancers and other illness because of poising them with lethal Chemtrails and poisoning water supplies. Also they are preventing future births by poisoning our girl children with Wifi which will render our girl children infertile as Wifi and microwave smart technology destroys ovaries according to scientist Barrie Trower. Do not take flu shots just take Vitamin C. They are lethal and cause the flu. There are plenty of anti flu remedies, just do a search on the internet.

    They are killing our children with poisons in vaccines. Vaccines are a hoax and they cause the disease that we are told that it will be prevent by lying criminals that call themselves Big Pharma. Your children have autism because of Big Pharma poisons. Your children will be infertile because of Wifi. All part of Agenda 21 destruction of of society and the masses. They have been working on this for decades.

    Globalists are serial killing psychopathic scum who should all be put before a firing squad and exterminated before they destroy America.

    The Globalists are the enemy of the people. They use Donald Trump’s name as a diversion. Wake up to what they are doing to you.

    Buy yourselves a water distiller and add a few grains of good quality mineral salt to the purified water, to make sure you get minerals you need and take good quality vitamins and minerals with every meal. Do not drink tap water. Purify your own water and do not drink the flouridated crap and other poisons they add to your water supply to kill you off. Keep yourselves well and do not allow Globalists to destroy America. Detox yourselves of heavy metals and do not buy crap food.

    America is being destroyed by Globalists and you have to protect your lands and do not allow them to get away with harming your land. Land is special and must be respected and taken care of. It will not end there, they will keep on destroying all the good parts of the USA as they are doing in Europe. Humanity has to unite against Enemy No.1/Globalist scumbags who must be prevented from bringing in Agenda 21 to destroy and kill us and prevent our children from procreating when they reach the age of wanting a family.

    Every week they will come up with something to slowly get what they want. Do not let these scumbags get away with it.

    Humanity must stand up to the evil forces behind Agenda 21, which was designed to kill us all and destroy special areas of natural beauty.

  6. Heather Brophy says:

    Brian, Remember, we pay you to protect not to seek and destroy if you can’t get the hell out now!

  7. Tarran Fedders says:

    Just how much spendin’cabbage and assorted material crap is enough when this close to giving up the ghost???! Cut the crap, Donny boy!

  8. Tarran Fedders says:


  9. In less than 100 years irrational, non-caring, greedy groups managed to harm and destroy the planet.
    Now one person does his best to make his mark but not for the best of all. In my view this is ant-social behavior.

    I agree with all writers!

  10. We The People have a right to NOT want any FRACKING in our Public Lands!!! What is it you do not understand???? Quit trying to shove it down our throats!!!

  11. Alexandre Engelen says:

    Trump will do what Putin did … They are just interested in oil and big business just for money and power!
    America wake up!!!

  12. D. Farrimond says:


  13. By the way someone please answer here, Do you have to be a member to sign this page? Because I keep signing but the name never appears on the list of signatures..I am just wondering?

    • Oh well suddenly after a very long time it appeared..

      Yes I agree with the above what others have written to say this Planet earth is being destroyed by the Greedy sub cultural money hungry, human parasites. As long as they have the profit and the materials they do not care about what may happened to the rest of the world. Pathetic.

  14. T Walker says:

    Signed, but ain’t nothing new under the Sun here.

    Our government has had shady deals before this administration.
    Uranium One, under Obama, comes to mind.
    Big Business is still attempting to overturn the 20 year old mining around the Grand Canyon ban.
    George H.W. Bush, the UN, and Agenda 21.
    And now this.

    The best way to hide behind the truth is to make those who try to educate themselves on what Global Interests are scheming is to do what’s been done forever – call them crazy.
    Wake up, America. Do your due diligence.

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