Urge Parisian Restaurant to Stop Reported Discrimination Against Arab Customers

Target: Alexandre Denis, Restaurant Director of L’Avenue Paris

Goal: Stop discriminating against veiled and Arab restaurant guests.

A famous Parisian restaurant has reportedly been discriminating against Arab customers and veiled women for a number of years. L’Avenue is located on Avenue Montaigne, a popular street right off the Champs Elysees, and is nestled between designer stores. Four former servers have revealed that restaurant director Alexandre Denis has reportedly been instructing staff to discriminate against Arab and veiled clients for years. One hostess said that Denis always preferred “two blonde women on the terrace, with espressos, rather than have veiled women, even if they were rich. Those women, we had to refuse.”

The staff at L’Avenue was reportedly instructed to reject reservation requests from anyone with an Arab name. If the customer insisted, they were allegedly told to book the party for the latest serving hour.

Lana El Sahely, a customer at L’Avenue, claims that the rumors are true. She stated that when she attempted to make reservations with her husband’s name, Ali, she would not be able to get a table. If she showed up at the restaurant with veiled company, they were allegedly always seated on the first floor, hidden from the street view, even if the dining room was not full.

Denis, the restaurant director, ultimately deflected blame for any discrimination, saying in a statement to BuzzFeed, “There are many cultures and nationalities that come here. There are people from the Middle East, everything you could want. If you want to say that we are racist, it’s not that. I can say something but I don’t know how the young girls here would interpret it. One thing is certain, is that I never signaled to anyone to refuse clients.”

Despite Denis’ attempt to put the blame on staff, any reported discrimination ultimately falls on his shoulders as the director of the establishment. Sign this petition to urge Denis to stop alleged discrimination against Arab and veiled customers.


Dear Director Denis,

The recent reports of possible discrimination at your Paris restaurant, L’Avenue, are troublesome. Paris is an international city with many different types of people who should all feel equally welcomed and safe. I urge you to take measures to ensure that no guests are being purposefully or passively discriminated against.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Aziz Hamdan

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  3. gen agustsson says:

    stop racism.

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