Determine Presidential Elections by Popular Vote

Target: Steve Yarbrough, President of the Arizona State Senate

Goal: Equalize the presidential election for all registered voters.

The Connecticut state legislature recently moved the country one step closer to ensuring an equal and fair presidential election. The state’s Senate approved a proposition that would include Connecticut in the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Joining 10 other states plus the District of Columbia, Connecticut has now pledged to put its electoral votes behind the presidential candidate who wins the nation’s popular vote.

The electoral college has long remained a point of contention, as five presidents have been elected to office despite more voters nationwide casting votes for their opponents. The current electoral system is imbalanced because it takes away the equality of every vote. Voters who vote for a minority party in states with a deeply entrenched majority party base are essentially put in the position of casting a throwaway vote. While advocates for the electoral college argue that more campaigning attention is given to rural regions, in reality roughly two-thirds of campaigning in the last presidential election took place in just a handful of so-called battleground states.

If we wish to truly reflect democratic values, then the person gifted the highest office in America should in turn reflect the will of the majority. The Compact is an important step toward this goal, but it will only go into effect once enough states–that collectively total a 270-plus electoral count–join the initiative. Sign the petition below and urge the Arizona Senate to approve a Compact pledge that has already received the support of the state’s House chamber.


Dear President Yarbrough,

The United States proudly holds itself as the greatest democracy in the world, yet this nation remains the only country that elects the president—the leader of the free world—with a gamesman-like voting system. While every other elected office in our country represents the will of the majority (the cornerstone of democracy) and places equal value on every voter, the presidential election relies on a relic system from a time when all men and women were not considered equal under the law. Now, only voters in a select few states can really feel that they have the power to make a difference, while voters in non-battleground states are largely ignored by campaigns.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact could forever change this imbalance by ensuring that the electoral vote becomes a true popular vote. This initiative, which has already been passed by the Arizona House of Representatives, needs the support of states like yours before it can become a reality.

Please join the Compact and assure your constituents that every vote, and every voter, matters.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: LA LeBan

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  1. gen agustsson says:

    electoral college has to be banned. lets have fair votes.

  2. Sorry for not signing this petition for the reason that I have problem to understand the content since I’m Swedish with limited english language knowledge, even though I manage quite good in general english conversation.

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