Urge Oregon Government to Ban Assault Rifles

Target: John Kitzhaber, Oregon governor

Goal: Ban the use of assault rifles in the state of Oregon.

The recent tragedies at Clackamas Town Center Mall in Clackamas, Oregon, and Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, have shaken the respective communities to their cores and have made the rest of the country wonder if assault weapons should be banned from public use.

Within the state of Oregon, there had been a ban on assault weapons up until 2004, when it lapsed. Several weeks ago, in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting, Oregon government officials gathered to discuss the tragedy as well as what its effect should be on gun control legislature.

Most of the politicians who spoke indicated their desire to see such weapons banned from public use. Additionally, the politicians indicated their desires to see the types of magazines used for the weapons banned as well, to avoid any possibility of such events occurring again.

Currently, Oregon has an open-carry law in effect, although this does not apply to loaded firearms. Most of Oregon’s major population centers have banned the use of loaded firearms in public places. Of course, if a weapon is concealed, it is usually difficult for law enforcement to know if the weapon is loaded until it is fired.

As of December 20, 2012, the Oregon government is still undecided on where it will move on this issue. However, many of the officials quoted after the meeting indicated their desire to see assault rifles and the magazines used to fire them banned.

Several of them quoted prior school shootings even outside of the recent ones as indication of the need for change. Given all of the tragedies that have transpired in recent weeks, it seems alarming that legislature was not put in place a long time ago to add extra preventative measures against these sorts of events even being possible.


Dear Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber,

The City of Clackamas has witnessed an unimaginable tragedy, and in the process has raised awareness about the issue of whether or not assault weapons should be banned. While such a ban may not prevent gun violence in your state, it will absolutely be a contributing factor in said prevention.

Think about the recent tragedies that have occurred, the families that have been torn apart, the communities that have been destroyed that need to be re-built. It is necessary for change to come, for these kinds of things to be prevented from ever happening again. Taking away the main tool involved in the problem is a good start in creating this overall prevention.

Your state needs you right now. Gun control is, and always will be, a sensitive issue. But with regard to assault weapons, there is no reason for the public to even need them. If they require a firearm simply for self-defense, do they really need a weapon that pumps out an extraordinarily dangerous amount of rounds at an extraordinarily dangerous rate?

Take the steps necessary to keep assault rifles away from the public. It can only improve public safety, and right now it seems as though this public safety is something that your state is lacking in. With support of an assault rifle ban, you can help move your state toward a safer, more positive living environment, and keep your citizens from living in fear. Take these steps, governor.


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  1. adolf hitler says:

    I support gun control, just look what I did during WW2 look at all my friends who believe as I did

  2. Robert Ortiz says:

    I have nothing against the right to bear arms (assuming it’s done responsibloy by people that are willing and able to use them responsibly and have undergone a rigorous screening process and waiting period), but no ordinary citizen needs to have access to high powered, military style, semi-automatic assault rifles.

  3. “Forced”change? Seriously?
    That doesn’t sound like a democratic slogan.
    The 2nd amendment props up the 1st which upholds the entire constitution, take them away and everything slowly erodes down a long slippery slope to surfdom.

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