Tell the Environmental Protection Agency: Stop Lying About Pollution

Target: Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Goal: Stop covering up the toxic health effects caused by pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency is now attempting to cover up any science that supports bodily harm caused by pollution. Scott Pruitt recently laid out a new policy aimed at “increasing transparency,” but the guidelines restrict using any science that uses data from human subjects. This means that any data recorded over the years that shows a direct link between pollutants and physical health is no longer deemed credible by the EPA.

This move is the latest in a string of policy blunders that Scott Pruitt has announced. So far, Scott Pruitt’s EPA has removed clean water standards, raised restrictions on oil refineries and fracking companies, and removed protections for endangered animals. The EPA is supposed to be an organization that protects the Earth, not actively kills it. Sign the petition below to demand Scott Pruitt put an end to these detrimental policies at once.


Dear Mr. Pruitt,

The Environmental Protection Agency was once one of the only truly benevolent agencies in the government. Since you’ve taken office, the environment has suffered serious damage at your hands. The American people have had enough of your ludicrous policymaking.

We believe that the environment should be taken care of and that the destroyers of the environment need to be held accountable. Removing any mentions of harm done by pollutants is absolutely counterproductive to protecting the environment. We urge you to make the right decision and reverse some of the damage you’ve done.


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Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

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  1. Kristin Peterson says:

    Scott Pruitt is a useless piece of shit and a joke!
    He is destroying the Earth,not protecting it!
    If he can’t properly do his job he needs to resign and move the hell on!

  2. Gen Agustsson says:

    stop it! get the environment out of the politics now!

  3. We all know that pollution is getting worse and so is climate change, there is no denying the facts. So lets’ do something positive about them instead of lying.

  4. Scott Pruitt had a long history of suing the EPA on behalf of his fossil fuel buddies before his appointment; there could not have been a worse candidate for this position out there and yet he got it anyway. He has proven he is totally anti-environment, anti-EPA, anti everything this department stands for and he’s milking his position for everything he can including wildly ridiculous spending to aggrandize himself. This should be a crime and if he isn’t dismissed the American people should sue to at least get recompense for his spending. What a waste of skin.

  5. Scott Pruitt has no business in this position. He knows that he is wrong in claiming climate change & pollution is not harming anyone. He is about stuffing his own pockets. Positions like this should be manned by one who is willing to work for the good of the people. Not himself. If they are not qualified them they have no business being in this position. Get him out of there. He is worthless.

  6. fight the pollution.

  7. Tarran Fedders says:

    Hardly one day goes by without the Trump administration doing their bit the obliterate the environment pluss human and animal rights. These guys are insane and a menace to the future of this world.


    Can Pruitt !!!!

  9. Please sign this petition. Signed @2174

  10. Anyone familiar with the West Virginia water scandal from the not so distend past? This will add to what we know: Governments and most officials, and corporation are not on the side of the public. The public is used to serve all and are disposable.
    Denying the obvious – like tidal wave 2 feet behind you – indicates clearly on which side Mr. Pruitt stands. No need to worry about terrorism in your backyard when certain individuals are at the helm.

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