Stop Competitive Horse Fights Where Rape is the Trophy in Philippines

Target: The Honorable Pantaleon Alvarez, Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Philippines

Goal: Support the fight against bloody, barbaric horse battles in the Philippines.

Barbaric horse fights known as derbies kill fifteen horses each year in the Philippines, brutally injuring others. Stallions are forced into combat using the scent of a mare; these stallions will kick, gore, and bite each other until one either dies, flees, or submits. The mare, restrained during the fights, is then taken as the winner’s prize, forcefully mounted against her will.

This brutality is considered entertainment. Hundreds of horses are forced to fight to the death, though in some cases death may almost be the preferred outcome as the survivors sustain painful and lingering wounds. The mares are essentially raped, often sustaining wounds themselves as they try to escape their fate or are abused by the stallions. These animals are exploited and abused, not only for entertainment but for a tidy profit as humans pay to watch these horrific displays.

The number of territories in which derbies are still legal is decreasing by the day, but these fights still continue, and horses are still suffering and dying. We need the full support of Philippine law and government to stop these brutal excuses for entertainment. Sign this petition to protect horses from future exploitation and cruelty.


Dear Speaker Alvarez,

Derby fights kill fifteen horses each year, and despite efforts from animal welfare groups and President Rodrigo Duterte himself, territories within the Philippines still allow these fights to go on. The horses are horribly mistreated, with the males forced to fight to the death and the females restrained and raped as the winner’s prize.

These fights should not be allowed to continue. Hundreds of horses are being exploited and abused each year for the sake of entertainment and profit, as though they were objects rather than living creatures. The survivors live with the trauma and pain of injuries or rape, making death almost seem like the better alternative. These fights need to be outlawed in all parts of the Philippines, and you must join our efforts to protect the horses.


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  1. Simon Rimmer says:

    Animal cruelty must become a death penalty crime. Any kind of animal fighting should be banned worldwide. Humans that participate in this shit should be peeled with a dull potato peeler and rolled in salt. Heal and repeat.

  2. Linda Goby says:

    what kind of a sick prick would enjoy this so called stupid ass sport??!! God you people are sick. Small brains obviously and lack of any humanity whatsoever. Absolutely pathetic

  3. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Please join the 21 century. This is barbaric and inhumane. Is there no other form of entertainment. They should fight each other human to human if the blood lust is that great.
    I’m contacting my State senators to oppose job outsourcing to countries that defy our own animal laws. If every animal lover were to do that we could get jobs back as well as possibly save animals.

  4. barbaric,horrendous,these people are disgusting,why not use the same savages who participate ,let them fight to the death,no-one would miss them ,evil degenerates

    • Agree with you Sheila, wish the Animal Vigilantes could “deal” with them- tie them up and dump in the ocean, wicked retard heathens. God bless the horses JUSTICE FOR ALL ANIMALS

      • And that is what is needed in the world Animal Vigilantes who are world wide supported by international governments giving them the rights to stop such primitive evil cruelty to animals!Problem is animals are finacial scapegoats for the rich evil businesses its just the rotten human scum who are ruining this world !

  5. Agree all comments these C**Ts who do this this need fucking bashed and tortured.Whats wrong with laws in these bastard countries low life mongrels Stop now
    Cruel fucken county

    • Totally agree- these RETARDS need shooting at dawn or SOONER complete morons, wicked and barbaric JUSTICE FOR ANIMALS, please God

  6. This is a sick world we live in.

  7. Lisa Allred says:

    Signed & Shared❗️😠


  9. Gotta love the asians! 🙁

    • Jules T. says:


      Get back into the dank hole you crawled out of and take your moronic racist comments with you.

      The animal rights movement does not want stupid asshole racists like you

  10. I don’t care how many times that tradition and cultural heritage are pulled out as excuses. Anyone with a decent brain would know that this is just barbaric behaviour not even condoned in the days of cave men.
    Shame on the Government of the Philippines for allowing this to continue.
    Why are so many of the animal abuses carried out in these wretched countries ???

  11. How sick is this?
    I sometimes feel mankind is the most deplorable creature on this planet.

  12. Joanne Bradley says:

    What a sick depraved society you live in, when illiterate morons pay to watch this evil act. Your life must be so dull to want to watch this barbaric act. The Government must totally ban this now. Boycott products made in Philippines until this is banned.

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