Demand More Severe Punishment for Indiana Dog Fighting Ring

Target: Whitley County, Indiana Sheriff’s Department

Goal: Investigate Indiana dog fighting ring and increase charges for those responsible beyond a misdemeanor

Eighteen people were recently arrested as part of a dog fighting operation in Churubusco, Indiana. After receiving a tip, the Whitley Country Sheriff’s Department obtained a search warrant and raided the home of Edward Smith, where they found blood, injured dogs, and wooden pits for fighting. Those arrested have currently only received a misdemeanor. More severe charges must be applied for this terrible crime.

The police report states that at the residence they found a dog who was badly injured and bleeding, another bloodied dog within a plywood fighting ring in Smith’s garage, and a much younger dog who was unharmed. All three dogs were rescued by the Whitley County Humane Society where they will hopefully be rehabilitated and put up for adoption.

Seventeen other people were found at Smith’s home during the raid and all 18 have been charged with attending an animal fighting contest, a class A misdemeanor, which in Indiana only carries a maximum fine of $5,000 and a one-year prison sentence. The investigation is ongoing and hopefully more charges will be applied.

Please sign the petition to demand that those responsible receive more than a misdemeanor. Dog fighting will continue to be a problem everywhere if the punishment for such horrific cruelty and murder remains the same as that of petty theft.


Dear Whitley County Sheriff’s Department,

Eighteen people were recently arrested at the home of Churubusco resident Edward Smith for operating a dog fighting ring. As it stands, they have only been charged with a class A misdemeanor, the penalty for attending an animal fighting contest, which carries a maximum one-year prison sentence and a $5,000 fine. The inadequacy of the punishment is almost as appalling as the crime itself.

Smith and the other attendees are responsible for the nearly incomprehensible torture, mutilation, and murder of these innocent animals and they have been given the same punishment as a shoplifter. Dog fighting will never stop if something isn’t done to prove to those who participate in it that such brutality will not be condoned in any way. Please give these men the punishment they rightly deserve and show the state of Indiana that dog fighting will not be tolerated.


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Photo credit: R_x – renee barron via Flickr

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  1. J Davidson says:

    Like the gladiators of Rome, dog fighting must go. Those who persist should be prosecuted for murder and locked up.

  2. The United States is suppose to be a role model for many other countries, how can we hold our heads up and go forward when we have this still going on with in our beloved country?

    • Judy Malone says:

      US used to be a role model for many things. Sadly, crime has taken this country over. Disgusting! I assist in Puppy Mill Rescues that are as bad as it gets too. Sick men think that is the way to look good, also beating on women and children.

  3. Winona kitto says:

    Without education, and with weak laws, maybe these people rationalize this as viable income. I don’t know, but animals had protective laws before kids, so protect them from this violent life.

  4. Robert Ortiz says:

    Cruelty against animals must stop and those involved punished to the fullest extent.

  5. This will not stop unless the punishment is harsher. Lets lock them in jail and throw away the keys for all who attend and the people who have the fights. THIS CRUEL SPORT MUST BE STOPED NOW.

  6. These people are absolute cowards! When you ask them why they don’t get in a ring themselves and fight, they say ‘Not me!’! They know they are being cruel! They should receive strong punishments! In fact, I think they should be eliminated. I mean, what are they for? Harm causing? Who needs that? Nobody!


  8. What a shame…I notice all these remarks are dated 2013, and not a damn thing has changed. It’s a nationwide epidemic…most laws aren’t any stronger..most punishments aren’t anymore punitive.. more dogs are being tortured and killed for the amusement of psychopaths. What the hell can we actually do beside hunt down the perverts and mete out the justice they deserve, which of course isn’t possible, and we would be the ones in jail – not them Besides it lowers us to their level, which is as low as you can go.

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